Under the patronage of Dr. Muneera Abuhamama, Dean of the ِfor Girls, King Khalid University, Abha and supervision of Dr. Heba Sheera, Head of the General Courses, a farewell party for the teaching staff of English Department was organized on Tuesday, April 06, 2021.  Dr. Muneera Abuhamama, the Dean, presided over the function and appreciated the efforts of English Department throughout the semester for enhancing the academic excellence of students and achieving the program learning outcomes. Dr. Heba Sheera, Head of the General Courses, briefed about the performance of the department and the achievement of the academic plans. She also pointed out the new strategies and approaches for meeting the learning goals of the program. Dr. Heba highlighted the importance of the academic plan and its benefits after its practical implementation during the academic year. She gave several examples how the new strategies for the academic plan led to achieve the learning outcomes and professional development of the faculty members. In order to achieve the maximum outcomes, Dr. Heba mentioned that in order to carry out the desired learning curves she formed the teams/committees -Training Team, Research Team, Examination Team and Website Team. Dr. Sheera explained that how these new changes modified the learning and teaching patterns and enhanced the academic performance of the department. She also mentioned  that teachers and students training webinars were organized throughout the semester. All these academic activities reflect the success rate of the department, Dr. Heba added. Ms. Asma Alnahri delivered the welcome speech and welcomed all the staff members. Dr. Muneera Abuhamama, the Dean and Dr. Heba Sheera, the Head of the General Courses, acknowledged the valuable contributions of the faculty members. Ms. Sirajum Munira,  Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, Ms. Nada Abdullah AlMelhi, Ms. Tahmina Begum, Ms. Ghazwa Abedin, Ms. Asma AlNahri, Dr. Nawal Mousa, Ms. Julia, , Dr. Mai alzain and Ms. Fozia Zulfiqar were bestowed with certificate of appreciation for their outstanding contribution in the department. Dr. Heba Sheera distributed a token of gift to those who are departing from the college this year and wished the best for their future endeavors. After the event, the teachers became emotional as they recalled their time. Hustle and bustle of the college made them very nostalgic. Teachers were very excited initially but after the function most of them were left teary eyed.  
Source: KKU - Media Center His Excellency, the University President, Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Sulami, sponsored the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Charitable Foundation for Orphans Care (Ekhaa) Asir branch.  Vice President of Business and Knowledge Economy, Prof. Abdullatif bin Ibrahim Al Hedaithy, represented the University in signing the agreement, while Ekhaa Foundation was represented by Prof. Saleh bin Khalif Al Dahmashi, Secretary General of the Charitable Foundation for Orphans Care (Ekhaa), and Consultant of His Excellency the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development.  Al Hedaithy, explained that the agreement includes cooperation in the following areas: organizing academic, educational and entertaining programs and events for orphans, working on easing the procedures of accepting orphans to the university academic programs, in accordance to the Deanship of Admission regulations and conditions.  The agreement also includes supporting orphans psychologically and socially by cooperating with the Guidance and Consultation Center at the University, through supporting talented orphan students, and offering training courses. In addition to offering medical care through the university's dental clinics and medical centers. 
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center King Khalid University participated in the 24th  GCC “Community service Deanships and colleges committee  meeting , which was hosted  by Taibah University virtually.  The university also participated in the 36th National  meeting for the Deans of the Community service deanships committee on Wednesday and which was under the patronage of His Excellency Taibah University President Prof. Abdulaziz Alserani under the slogan “Sustainable development and prosperous society. It's worth noting that Prof Omar Alwan Agheel represented King Khalid University in the meeting. 
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center On behalf of His Excellency the Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, His Excellency King Khalid University President, Prof. Faleh bin Raja Allah Al Solami, chaired the sixth university council, today Wednesday the 30th of December 2020 , which was held virtually in the presence of the His Excellency the Secretary General of the Council of Universities Affairs, Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Saleh and the council members. The University Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Vice President of Post Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Saad bin Muhammad bin Dajam, explained that the council discussed a variety of topics, and approved the following: -  The restructure  of university departments and programs , which included the recommendation to establish a number of colleges and scientific departments at the university and in the Tihama branch and submitting them to the University Affairs Council. - The approval of  a master's program in management information systems (fee-demand ) in the Department of Management Information Systems in the College of Business. -  The restructure of the editorial board of the University Journal of Linguistic Studies.
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center His Excellency the University President, Falleh bin Rajaa Allah Alsolami, met the new General Manager of the Ministry of Transport in Asir, Eng. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Ghamdi, in his office in the university city. Upon his arrival  His Excellency the University President thanked Eng. Al-Ghamdi for the visit, and congratulated him on new assignment, wishing him success in serving the region and the country. During the meeting, the two parties discussed  joint projects and road network linking Al-Faraa University City,  they also discussed the plan to achieve our wise  leadership’s vision  and  His Highness, the region’s governor plan , to overcome difficulties and  to encourage collaboration between government agencies.
Source: KKU - Media Center The Administrative Development Department at King Khalid University, held a number of training courses and programs targeting university members, during the first semester of 1442 AH, a number of training courses were held in coordination with the Institute of Public Administration and the General Court of Audit.  The Dean of Human Resources Deanship Dr. Ali Al Olayani, explained that these training courses and programs are part of the Deanship's efforts to enhance the work performance of university members, to achieve the Deanship's mission of efficient and innovative management and development of human resources, by investing distinguished capabilities, in line with best practices. On his part, the Director of the Administrative Development Department, Prof. Ali bin Saleh Al Dumaih, said that an estimate of 2188 university members benefited from these training courses. These training courses are important to develop the skills and potentials of university employees in areas that include, risk management assessment, professional skills in work procedures, monitoring skills, content analysis in social networks, facility management, leadership skills, achieving excellence in strategies implementation in universities, improving the financial performance during crises, change management, risk-based audit, performance control, governmental accounting, practicing internal auditing in government agencies.
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center The University Vice President for Business and Knowledge Economy, Prof. Abdul Latif bin Ibrahim Al-Hadithi, witnessed the  signing of a cooperation agreement between the university and  the Association of Management Accountants in the university city Qureir, in order to enhance cooperation between the two parties.  The head of Governance Center, Prof. Murya Habbash, represented the university in signing the agreement while Mr. Hassan Al- Bahes, president of IMA represented the Association of Management Accountants.  Al-Habbash, explained that the areas of this agreement include pushing and encouraging cooperation in the field of lectures, seminars and events that aim at professional and scientific development in accordance with the regulations followed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Another component of the agreements is the exchange of work experiences and information between the two parties, to also   prepare  seminar  topics , lectures and meetings, to achieve  the job market needs . The agreement also included   sharing professional advanced experience and  providing an opportunity for all relevant parties to attend conferences and seminars that  are held  by one of the two parties of this agreement, as well as  participating in celebrations and professional events organized by each party. In Addition to that, the agreement aims to encourage inter-visits between professionals, researchers and specialists to exchange experiences and information from both parties, give lectures, consult, raise the efficiency of coordination, and exchange scientific and professional visits.
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center King Khalid University Admission Deanship, announced the opening of internal and external second semester academic transfer, for the year 1442Ah, through the university “Academia “system.  The Dean of the Deanship of Admission Dr. Abdul Mohsen bin Eid Al-Qarni, said that the deanship is to start receiving inquiries for internal transfer starting on the 20th of Jumada Al-Awwal and will continue to the 25th of Jumada Al-Awwal. As for the external and Bachelor to Diploma  treansfer Al-Qarni, explained that the Deanship will start receiving inquiries on the 1st of Jumada Al- Awwal and will continue to the 25th of the same month , while admission for the supplementary bachelor program for graduates of community colleges at King Khalid University (upgrade of the bachelor’s degree for diploma graduates from King Khalid University) starts on the 1st of Jumada Al-Awwal and will continue to the 29th of Jummada Al-Awwal. Al-Qarni, also  called on those wishing to view  the conditions, mechanisms, and dates for transfer and admission to visit the University website “ click here “ adding that transfer decisions and admission will be based on the  available seats and the required rates.
Source: KKU - Media Center His Excellency King Khalid University President Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Sulami, recently issued a decision to establish a Learning Data Analysis Unit.  The Unit is affiliated with the E-learning Deanship, and will work towards analyzing learning data, understanding students' patterns and building electronic systems to improve the e-learning environment.  The Dean of E-learning Deanship at King Khalid University, Dr. Nayef Jabali, said: the Deanship is keen on providing a quality experience, by preparing, analyzing, and activating data, using machine learning and artificial intelligence systems. He stressed that the aim of establishing the unit is to provide the tools to collect, analyse, and measure students' performance data.  Dr. Nayef Jabali, issued an administrative decision to assign the Vice Dean of E-learning Deanship, Dr. Adel Kahmash, as the Unit Supervisor.  On his part, Dr. Adel Kahmash, said that the unit will use the collected data to understand students' patterns, monitor and enhance their academic performance, predict their academic achievements, and provide them with early academic advising services, to avoid any setbacks.  About the Unit: The Unit is to implement LMS data governance, extract and prepare data, build prediction models, and develop monitoring systems. It will also allow the University colleges to monitor students' performance, and will enable students to control and keep up with their own performance, by providing a control panel dedicated to them. It's worth noting that the learning management system -Blackboard- helped in establishing this Unit, since it's full of data related to students activities in the e-learning environment. 
Source: KKU - Media Center The Deanship of Admission at King Khalid University, announced the test location and references for the Supplementary Bachelor Test, for community college diploma applicants wishing to continue their education and receive a bachelor degree.  he Dean of the Deanship of Admission, Dr. Abdulmohsen Al Qarni, announced that the test will be held on 06/06/1442 AH.  To view the references and locations please (click here)
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center The committee overseeing the elections for the board of directors of the Saudi Association for Teachers announced the elected members for the association’s board of directors after the voting period ended on Sunday, Jumada Al-Awwal 5. The board of directors of the association will hold its first meeting to choose a president for the association. The results of the vote were as follows: Prof. Abduallah Ali Moaid Al-Cassi (King Khalid University) won 72 votes, Dr. Mohammed Zaidan Abdullah Al-Mahfouz (King Khalid University) won 65 votes, Dr. Sultan bin Suleiman bin Faleh Al-Anzi(Hail Region Education Department) won 60 votes, Prof. Asim Mohammed Ibrahim Omar(King Khalid University) won 57 votes, Ms. Maryam Bint Abdullah Yahya Khairy(Taif Education Department) won 55 votes, Mr. Mohammed Jarallah Ahmed Saleh Al Hababi (King khalid University) won 50 and Ms. Aisha Saeed Abdullah Al-Arifi Al-Harthi (Taif Education Department) won 47 votes.
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center Due to the large amount of requests , His Excellency King Khalid University President Prof. Falleh Al-Solami, issued  the extension of the admission period for Non-fee Postgraduate Programs (master- doctoral degrees) until 25/5/1442 AH The Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ahmed Al-Fayea, explained that extension comes in view of the large demand of inquiries  to the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies to extend the admission period, and the desire of many fresh graduate students to apply for graduate studies programs. For the available programs and their conditions,(please click here).
Source: KKU - Media Center His Excellency King Khalid University President Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Sulami, confirmed that the University aims to enhance the role of the “Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language“ Unit which targets non Arabic speaking students and employees and works towards improving their Arabic Language.  His Excellency patronized a virtual academic symposium, about the World Arabic Language Day 2020. The symposium was organized by the Arabic Language Department at the College of Humanities, and witnessed the attendance of more than 500 people, on Sunday the 20th of December 2020.  Al Sulami thanked the College of Humanities and the Arabic Language Department for organizing this symposium, he also thanked our wise leadership for their efforts in serving the Arabic Language locally and internationally, by establishing colleges, institutes and research chairs devoted to the Arabic Language, most prominent of which is King Salman International Complex for Arabic language. The Dean of the College of Humanities, Prof. Yahia Abdullah Al Sharif, welcomed His Excellency the University President and thanked him for patronizing the symposium and supporting the Arabic language and the Department's activities. Al Sharif, also welcomed all the attendees and participants, he then talked briefly about the World Arabic Language Day. 4 Scientific Papers were presented during the symposium, by elite faculty members of the Arabic Language Department, Prof. Abdul Hamid Al-Husami, started the symposium by discussing the role of technology and the importance of its presence in children's lives, stressing that technology is now a part of the educational process.  On his part, Dr. Abdulrahman Al Mohseni, discussed the ability to Arabize digital content, assuring that scientific research indicates a mandatory transformation of learning in technical environments, which requires activating the role of Arabic language digitally.  Regarding Arabizing the digital content, Dr. Suhair Al Qahtani, also presented a scientific paper entitled "The Role of Language Academies in knowledge approximation." She stressed the importance of the Academies' roles in approximating and Arabizing scientific, technical and urban terminologies. She also emphasized the role of Language Academies' in shaping common invariants, since language is invariant in human lives patterns.  The last scientific paper was presented by Dr. Yahya Al Latini, entitled "A New Vision of Language Academies" in which he confirmed that Language Academies will never go back to the old methods in terms of enhancing their presence, since that can be done by presenting the language digitally, to enrich Arabic digital content. He also emphasized the importance of translation accuracy, which is something many modern programs lack. The symposium was concluded by answering some questions, which were mostly about activating the role of technical means, to enhance and strengthen the use of  Arabic language locally and internationally.
Source: kkU - Media Center The Deanship of Graduate Studies at King Khalid University, in cooperation with the E-learning Deanship and the colleges involved, held online thesis discussion sessions, where 225 thesis were discussed and defended by PhD and Masters students from different colleges at the university, each session was attended by a large number of people.  The Dean of the Graduate Studies Deanship, Prof. Ahmed bin Yahya Al Fayea, explained that 159 thesis were defended during the second semester of 1441AH, and 66 theses were defended during this semester, adding that a number of theses are to be defended by the end of the current semester. Al Fayea, added that these online sessions are easier to be joined and attended by the students and their families, discussion committees and those living in far areas, especially with the excellent coordination between the deanship and the colleges involved, and the efforts of the E-learning Deanship. Al Fayea, pointed that the variety of thesis topics presented are to contribute to educational needs, finding solutions, and focusing on the development needs and requirements to achieve 2030 Vision. It’s worth mentioning, that the Deanship of Graduate Studies in cooperation with the E-learning Deanship and the colleges involved were among the first in the Kingdom to successfully implement online thesis defense sessions.
Source: KKU - Media Center The Agency of Business and Knowledge Economy at King Khalid University, in cooperation with Damac football club, launched an initiative entitled “Everlasting Language in Everlasting Country“ to celebrate World Arabic Language Day, during a football match that took place in Prince Sultan Sports City at Almahalah. Prof. Abdullatif Ibrahim Alhedaithy, the Vice Rector for Business and Knowledge Economy, said that the university is celebrating this occasion to show the importance of Arabic Language, since it's our official language, and the language of the Holy Qur'an. He then thanked the employees of the Ministry of Sports in Asir branch.  It's worth noting that the initiative is part of a series of programs and events launched by the university to celebrate this occasion.
Source: KKU - Media Center His Excellency King Khalid University President, Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Solami, recently met with a delegation from the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation, represented in : the CEO of the center, Dr. Sohail  ba Jammal, and the Director of the Engineering Science and Computer Science Department, Dr. Bandar Al-Khayal, and the Director of the Accreditation Process Management, Prof. Saleh Al Sumait. The meeting was attended by a number of the University employees. The meeting discussed the latest updates of the academic programs applying for academic accreditation, the CEO of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation, Dr. Sohail ba Jammal, discussed the latest updates of the center and the most important future projects for international and local accreditation, in the presence of a number of Deans and Vice-Deans of Quality and Development Faculties, and heads of the departments and program applying for academic accreditation, in addition to discussing a number of topics related to accreditation. On his part, the Vice Dean of the Academic Development and Quality Deanship at King Khalid University, explained that this meeting is part of the Deanship’s plan to accredit all academic programs in the university by the end of 2022 . 
Source: KKU - Media Center On Monday’s morning, the 14th of December 2020, The Human Resources Deanship at King Khalid University, held a celebration event for its employees, after receiving a King Khalid University Excellence Award, by earning 3rd place in the Excellent Administration Category, for the year 1441.  The Dean of Human Resources Deanship, Dr. Ali bin Jaber Al-Olayani, attended the celebration event, and thanked the Deanship’s employees for their efforts, he also stressed the importance of maintaining quality performance, and satisfying the beneficiaries as well. During the event, Al Olayani honored the best achieving departments in the deanship, and took memorial pictures with the honored departments’ members at the end of the event.
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center His Excellency King Khalid University President , Prof. Falleh bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, honored today in the  University City Abha, the winners from the Deanship of Students Affairs as a part of Musk Foundation’s programs and the Deanship's Nazaha Club after achieving the second place at the Nazaha clubs in the Kingdom for distinguished clubs. The University President honored the winners for their effort and praised the Deanship for its support and guidance during the process .  Regarding  the details of award, the university won  third place in the Musk Foundation’s program "The Future Path to Career Preparation" in the number of students who passed it, In addition to achieving  second place as one of the   distinguished  Nazaha Clubs in the Kingdom  in the fourth annual meeting of members of the Nazaha clubs, which was held recently at King Abdulaziz University. It is worth noting that, during the meeting, the  participants were also honored in the "Mobaderoon" program by the Deanship and the Deanship's Media Unit for their recent  distinguished efforts. 
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center His Excellency the University President, Prof. Falleh bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solam  congratulated  His Majesty   the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz and His Royal Highness  the Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz on the occasion of the issuing  the state's general budget for the year 2021 and the  included numbers that prove the power of the  Saudi economy, despite what  the world witnessed this year in terms of the repercussions and challenges of the Corona  pandemic. Al-Solami, explained that the education sector comes in first place in  this budget with 186 billion riyals; which  aims  to build schools, universities, university cities and the program of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for the external scholarship, in addition, to supporting researches, development and innovation, establishing university hospitals, and supporting sources of knowledge. This comes part of  the  leadership's attention in  the future of the next generation, and in  developing their educational capabilities and providing them with skills that contribute to serve their religion, homeland and humanity, and qualify them to be a good example in various fields. His Excellency Al-Solami, stressed that the health sector is ranked as one of the top priorities  in this year's budget, confirming that the health of  the people  and residents is  the leadership's  priorities as well as their  commitment to the principle  ''Humans  Come  First''. Al-Solami, pointed to the success of the Kingdom's economic policy that was embodied by this budget and which  carries the goodness and development of our country. He also praised the support devoted to the country's different sectors to continue in the path of development to achieve the Kingdom's 2030 vision.
Source: King Khalid University, Media Center His Excellency King Khalid University president , Prof. Falleh bin Rajallah Al Solami, recently met with the General Director of the Institute of Public Administration in Asir region , Prof Abdul Mohsen Al Mushait. The beginning of the meeting his Excellency the university president, welcomed Almushait, followed by a visual presentation which introduced the institute’s services, highlighting  the training courses and institution’s partnerships. During the meeting the two parties discussed a number of topics most prominent of which are partnership training programs , focusing on the female sector, in addition to facilitating employee training courses It is worth noting, that the meeting was attended by a number of university vice presidents, deans and officials from  the Institute of Public Administration in Asir region