Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  The Deanship of Admissions and Registration announced today (July 22) that some 12,000 incoming King Khalid University freshmen were offered a spot for fall 2020 on at least one of KKU's undergraduate campuses. Dean of Admissions and Registration, Dr. Abdulmohsen Algarni, welcomed the talented group of applicants to the university and confirmed admissions data also show an uptick in acceptance. Commenting on the electronic procedures, Dean Algarni related that his team has responded to 4,000 emails, 10,000 WhatsApp messages, and more than 2,000 phone calls. "To ensure the safety of all, we will receive all applicant inquiries online," he said. Nomination ratios of admission for this year in each of the university's majors are available by clicking (here). Dean Al-Qarni added that his team is diligently working to take applicants off of the waitlist through the immediate admission service. The immediate admission service allows students with a request number to see the vacant seats and apply. Also, he noted that the Deanship of Admissions and Registration will provide a service to change the chosen major before the beginning of the semester. Of note, the two services will be available from 2 Dhu al-Hijjah until 18 Dhu al-Hijjah.
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  King Khalid University, represented by the College of Education and the National Center for Educational and Professional Development at the Ministry of Education, launched an online summer training program. The program, consisting of a series of training programs delivered by the best faculty members, is in the third stage of the summer project for educational and professional development for the year 1441 AH / 2020 CE. Dean of the College of Education, Prof. Thabet bin Saeed Al-Kahlan, explained the program aims to develop professional educational practices in accord with Vision 2030. It also aims to foster the culture of professional educational development in line best practices in qualifying and training teachers. Dean Al-Kahlan confirmed that this partnership came under the guidance of His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy and his leadership team.
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  From the college's keenness in spreading digital knowledge among society, Dean of the College of Computer Science, Dr. Ali Mohammed Algarwi, supervisor of the "Summer of Technology" initiative, clarified that the college is launching many initiatives and technical seminars and sessions during the summer. It will continue its efforts to meet Vision 2030 and raise the digital awareness of society. The webinar — attended by 1,100 participants — opened with a speech from Dr. Asiri on data and big data, data science, and its development and importance in our time. Dr. Asiri then talked about the data structures and types and stressed the importance of distinguishing between types of data from structured to non-structured. Dr. Asiri also discussed data science and business intelligence, the differences between them, and the important distinction that business intelligence is related to the past while data science is related to the future. At the end of the webinar, Dr. Asiri pointed out the skills and functional areas of data science in that a data scientist possesses several skills such as programming, mathematical statistics, and analysis, noting that it is one of the hottest jobs in the 21st century.
  Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  As part of the internal employment program, the Medical City at King Khalid University announced a number of jobs by contract for the COVID-19 Medical Team, namely doctors and health specialists. The Medical City urged those interested to apply for these jobs by (clicking here). The specialties, requirements and conditions for each position are available by (clicking here). The general conditions for applying to these positions stipulate that the applicant must be Saudi and not currently working with any other entity. In the case of employment, the applicant should present a clearance letter within a week of their admission. Another condition requires good conduct and behaviour. Applicants must be in good physical and mental health, attach their professional categorization card, apply to the required speciality through the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities. The applicants' certificates, other requirements and expertise letters must be uploaded as PDF files. Lastly, applicants will have to pass the interview and test and submit the application within five days of the announcement. The Medical City is pleased to announce the start of the hiring period on the 29th of Dhul Qi’dah 1441 AH/ the 20th of July 2020, noting that it will end on the 3rd of Dhu al-Hijjah 1441 AH/ 24th of July 2020.
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  The General Administration of Media and Communication at King Khalid University, organized an online program as a part of “Mobaderon”. The program is entitled “Mental Image and Affiliation” it was under the supervision of His Excellency the University President Prof. Falleh bin Raja Allah Al-Sulami. Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Mehsen Al-Assaf, the Media lecturer at Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University, viewed the aspects of the “mental image”. The meeting lasted for an hour and a half, it was hosted by Mr. Abdul Rahman Marea. Al-Assaf elaborated on the “mental image” in relation to the identity and behaviour, analyzing the mental image, its types and the stages of its development. He also tackled an experiment demonstrating the mental image and reputation, the strategies to build such image and ways to measure it. The meeting covered the stages of developing reputation, a matrix of the mental image and reputation and the difference between the mental image and reputation. During the meeting, Dr. Mufleh bin Zaben Al-Qahtani, the General Supervisor of the General Administration of Media and Communication and the official spoken person at the University, spoke about how changing the corporate identity could affect the mental image. He confirmed,  the strategies to build a mental image have to be made specialists in Media and Communication. That’s why every corporate needs to invest in such specialists, having them in the Public Relations in deferent sectors is a must. Mr. Isa Al Hadi Asiri, the Supervisor of Media and Communication at the Education Department in Rijal Almaa’, stressed on the importance of including the culture of media and mental image on the curriculum, in addition to the proper ways to use Social Media and hoe to receive a message through Media. The Lecturer at the Department of Media and Communications Mr. Yahya Al-Qub’a, highlighted the importance of tourism, and the Kingdom’s efforts to attract tourist from abroad. Tourism is  a form of public diplomacy which contributes to forming a national brand, resulting in forming a mental image of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi society. Al-Qub’a spoke on other parallel efforts like organizing international sports and entertainment activities, and hosting them locally in order to enhance the opportunities of introducing Saudi Arabia to the world. He concluded, Media is one of the main tools to change the stereotypical thoughts of the world. He encouraged making all the efforts to export media products which represent the Saudi perspective, and working to influence the stereotypical idea about Saudi Arabia in international media through deliberate strategies and plans to achieve the desired goals.
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  His Excellency the King Khalid University President Prof. Falleh bin Raja Allah Al-Sulami, issued recently a number of appointment decisions. His Excellency the University President congratulated the recently appointed, wishing them all the best and urging them to work harder. The University spokesperson, Dr. Muflih bin Zaben Al-Qahtani, explained that the appointment decisions of faculty members and employees included: Extending the period of assigning as a Vice Dean of King Khalid University for Development and Quality. Assigning Dr. Ali Jaber Al-Olayyani a Dean of the Deanship of Human Resources at the University. Assigning Dr. Nourah Hussain Banafea a Dean of the College of Applied Medical Sciences in Mahayil Asir. Extending the period of assigning Prof. Omar Saeed Al Mushait as the Secretary General of the University’s Endowments. Assigning Dr. Miteb Abdo Khubrani as a Supervisor of the International Cooperation Department. Assigning Dr. Abdullah Mubarak Al-Shahrani as a Vice Dean of Academic Affairs at the College of Nursing in Khamis Mushait. Assigning Dr. Yahya Mohammed Al Hanash as the Vice Dean of Development and Quality at the College of Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion. Extending the period of assigning Dr. Aisha Abdullah Al-Raizah as the Vice Dean of the female section of Post-Graduate Studies. Assigning Dr. Saliha Ahmed Asiri as the Vice Dean of Student Services and Sports Activities at the Deanship of Student Affairs. Assigning Dr. Abeer Mahfouz Al-Madawi as the Vice Dean of Community Service and Continuous  Learning - Female Section. Assigning Dr. Sarah Hani Abu-Ghazaleh as the Vice Dean of the Female Collage of Computer Science. Assigning Dr. Dalia Ahmed Al-Maghassasila as the Vice Dean of the female Collage of Pharmacy. Assigning Dr. Dr. Saleh Musharraf Al-Shihri as an Assistant to the General Supervisor of the University’s KKUx platform. Assigning Dr. Abdullah Abdul Mohsen Al-Shehri as a co-CEO of the Supportive Medical Services at the Medical City. Assigning Dr. Saleh Mohammed Al-Qahtani as an Associate Executive Director of Medical Affairs at the Medical City. Extending the period of assigning Dr. Abdullah Musleh Al-Shahrani as a Supervisor of the Clinical Skills at the College of Medicine. Assigning Dr. Khalid Mohammad Al-Sayoud as the Head of the Drugs Department at the College of Pharmacy. Assigning Dr. Mona Abdulaziz Al-Manasif as the upervisor of the Clinical Pharmacy Department at the Female College of Pharmacy. Assigning Mr. Ali Abdullah Al-Jahash as Executive Director of the Student Fund.
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  In the opening ceremony of Al-Batterjee Medical College in Asir, _which was under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Asir region_ King Khalid University and Al-Batterjee Medical College signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed by: on behalf of King Khalid University, Prof.Saad bin dejeem, Vice-Rector for Educational and Academic Affairs, and on behalf of the Batterjee Medical College, Dean of the College, Dr. Tariq Al-Harbi, The signing was attended by number of deans and directors: the vice -rector of King Khalid University for Development and Quality, Dr. Merzen Al-Shahrani; Deputy chief of the Emirate of Asir in term Mohammad bin Libda; Dean of the College of Applied Medical Sciences in Khamis Mushait, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sabaani;  Dean of the College of Nursing, Dr. Aida Al-Qarni; and Dean of the College of Applied Medical Sciences, in Muhayel, Dr. Nora Banafe'e. The cooperation included, sharing-experiences in joint programs and training programs, to raise the universities efficiency and the educational process, in addition to sharing- experiences in quality, institutional and programmatic accreditation, as well as cooperation in organizing events and activities, supporting the scientific researches and benefiting from facilities of the both universities.
Source: king Khaled University- Media Center In cooperation with the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education, King Khalid University in Tehama launches the Visual arts Competition, within Good will initiative in its second version entitled "picnic with caution", from 20-25 Dhul Qi'dah. The general supervisor of KKU College in Tehama, Dr. Ahmed Etaif Al-Shehri, says: the competition includes training courses, educational seminars, and the health care caravan, in addition to, it aims to raise the society awareness about the prevention of corona virus, particularly the vacationers through visual art, also he highlighting  the role of visual art in making community awareness, and using digital worlds to display awareness messages as well as making a way for creators to the world through technical and social communication channels. Participation and more information (click here).
Source: King Khalid University_ Media Center The Community Service Unit at the Collage of Science (female section) in King Khalid University, organized a free training program, specifically for women, entitled “Time Management in Crises”. The Dean of the Collage of Science prof. Ali bin Abdullah Al-Shatti, explained the training program is a part of “Mobaderon”. It is to be delivered by Dr. Halima Al-Saeedi, it will be on Sunday, registration is available by (clicking here). He pointed the program aims to introduce the strategies of time management in crises.
Source:King Khalid University - Media Center   The Intellectual Awareness Unit at King Khalid University launched a national electronic competition as a part of "Mobaderoon". The competition aims to strengthen the feelings of loyalty and affiliation towards the nation and is entitled "Together We Protect Our Country". The competition has seven categories, and it starts on Saturday the 20th of Dhul Qi’dah. For registration and information on the competition, please (click here). Dean of the College of Sciences and Arts at Dhahran Al-Janoub, Supervisor of the Intellectual Awareness Unit, Dr. Misfer bin Ahmed Al-Wadai, explained the competition aims to raise the community's awareness, noting that it will explain the proper ways to use social media, introduce how radical organizations use social media to spread their ideas, and strengthen the feelings of patriotism through social media. He pointed the competition is divided into seven categories: YouTube videos, Snapchat videos, motion graphics, digital arts, press articles, community initiatives and photographs.  
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Faleh bin Raja Allah Al-Solami, issued an administrative decision to extend the assigning of Dr. Merzen bin Awadah Al-Shahrani as the Vice-Rector for Development and Quality for three years. Dr. Merzen Al-Shahrani expressed his thanks and gratitude for this trust, asking Allah to grant him success in serving the university and the nation and realizing the aspirations.
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  The Deanship of Admission and Registration at King Khalid University, announced the admission dates of bachelor and diploma degrees, for the academic year 1442 AH. The admission will be through the portal for High School graduates. It will begin on the 23rd of Dhul Qi’dah until the 28th of the same month. The Dean of Admission and Registration Dr. Abdul Mehsen bin Eid Al-Qarni, explained that admission would be online. He urged those who wish to go to KKU, to log into Academia through the University website by (clicking here) to complete the registration process. Al-Qarni explained that being admitted to the University doesn’t depend on the priority of submission, but rather on the applicant’s overall GPA. The overall GPA is calculated by adding 30% of the cumulative percentage of high school, 50% of the GAT score and 20% of Academic Achievement Test. This overall GAP is required for the scientific majors for male students and all the majors for female students. As for the theoretical majors for male students, the overall GPA would be calculated by adding 50% of the cumulative percentage of high school and 50% of the GAT score. Al-Qarni pointed the admission process will be according to the overall GPA and the number of available seats in each major. He added, the admission results would be announced on the 30th of Dhul Qi’dah. The remaining seats would be available through “immediate admission” service. The possibility of changing the major for those with a University ID number will be available through the portal for the available seats only from the 2nd till the 14th of Dhul Hijjah. Al-Qarni stressed, the admission and registration processes at King Khalid University are completely electronic and take place without the interference of humans without any exceptions. The applicants can check the admission requirements, the followed procedures, the important dates and majors through the University website by (clicking here) and also (here). He added, the minimum percentage for admission would be announced for every major after announcing the results which demonstrates the transparency of the admission procedures. The Deanship would respond to all the inquires related to admission. It will help student in solving all the problems with submitting their admission request through the inquires system on the admission website or by calling the Deanship.
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  Deanship of Scientific Research at King Khaled University organizes an online webinar entitled "Scientific Research from Idea to Marketing", the webinar is targeting to postgraduate students, professors and researchers, since it is one of the rich and important courses in this field, this webinar comes as part of  Mobaderoon project, and presented by Dr. Mark Oleksack, next Thursday. For registration (click here). Dean of Scientific Research Deanship, Dr. Hameed Alqarni pointing that this course aims to rise the awareness of the meaning of innovation and creativity in the real world and provide a clear concept to marketing in innovation and research, as well as explain the available resources to protect intellectual property, in addition to support effective communication skills in the innovation journey.
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  The Center for People with Disabilities which is affiliated to the Deanship of Students Affaires at King Khalid University, is to organize a virtual summer camp program as a part of “Mobaderon”. The summer camp program is entitled “A Struggle and Success Story”, the program will be divided into two stages. The first, starts on Monday the 15th until Wednesday the 17th of Dhul Qi’dah. The second, from the 22nd until 24th of Dhul Qi’dah. Registration is available by (clicking here) and (clicking here) before the beginning of the program. The supervisor of the Center for People with Disabilities Dr. Amer Jaafar, explained the program included a number of interviews with inspiring individuals with disabilities. A program for the students which focuses on counseling, academic guidance and support for students with disabilities. It also aims to facilitates the process of integrating students with disabilities with the rest of students in the university community. As well as defining disability, introducing its characteristics and educating people on dealing with it. In addition to involving people with disabilities in all the activities inside and outside the university, and providing advice and support to them. In a related context, the Center for People with Disabilities held an online course for people with hearing disabilities entitled “The Strong Personality”. The course was delivered by a trainer with a Hearing disability, Mr. Walaa Barakati. The attendees were more than 100 trainer, either inside Saudi or abroad. The assistant supervisor of the Center for People with Disabilities, Dr. Sirin Al-Bakri, explained the course aims to introduce the elements of a strong personality and how to communicate confidently and comfortably with others. As well as introducing some characteristics of personalities, how to deal with extreme shyness, defining positivity and types of body language.
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  King Khalid University continues to receive entries for the Arabic calligraphy competition, under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Asir. The competition — formed in line with the Ministry of Culture's Year of Arabic Calligraphy — was inaugurated by His Excellency, King Khalid University Rector Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, as part of the "Mobaderoon" initiative. Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education, Dr. Omar Alwan Aqeel, highlighted that the competition offers generous awards totaling 80,000 riyals which will be granted to the winners from citizens and residents in the Kingdom. For those interested in the competition, please (click here).
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center King Khalid University continues the summer semester online for more than 29500 students in different majors and headquarters in Abha and other Asir provinces. The total number of courses reached 653 course delivered by 594 faculty members to 1678 sections. The Dean of E-learning Dr. Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Ahmari, explained that according to the Learning Management System and the Virtual Classroom standards, during the fifth week of the summer semester (7-11/11/1441 AH). The total number of users who logged in was 106047, the reviews were 121420, the discussion boards were 12985, the viewed files were 3002, the virtual classroom sessions were 1544 and the attendees to these sessions were 43553. As for technical support Al-Ahmari confirmed that the technical support requests reached 321 through different means. The Deanship implemented during the fifth week a course on applying the QM Approved Quality Standards in designing e-courses for faculty members. The corse was attended by 24 faculty members. Another course was for students on E-learning skills which was attended by 550 students. Tamkeen YouTube channel continued to provide educational services where the number of videos since the beginning of the summer semester reached 277. The channel had 20,403 views in 624 hours.  
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  A study to one of King Khalid University scholarship students recommended car agencies and smart car developers to adopt self-driving smart cars for female beginner drivers. It suggested the necessity of providing simulation systems which enable drivers to experience a self-driving car before purchasing it to overcome the potential dangers of stress. Ms. Areej Ahmed Al-Shaafi, a scholarship student from the College of Science and Arts at Mahayel Asir, presented a paper entitled “Adopting Self-Driving Cars by Female Beginner Drivers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. The paper was a component of her PhD thesis at UTM, she participated with it in a scientific conference then it was published. Al-Shaafi explained the purpose of this study which was to focus on the projects, initiatives and partnerships which will increase the Saudi GPD by 2030. Especially in relation to activating modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. In addition to the possibility of using them positively in serving entities, companies and institutions through centers and units of artificial intelligence in universities, like the Artificial Intelligence Center at King Khalid University. Adopting Self-Driving cars and cars equipped with driver support technologies will contribute in supporting female drivers to overcome their fears, and thus reduce accidents and the need to recruit expatriate workers. In the paper, the Researcher used the Net Valence Model to asses the advantages and disadvantages of adopting smart cars in the future, and how it will affect the discussions of using them by beginner female drivers. The paper’s initial results reveled that the advantages exceed the disadvantages which is a positive indicator for accepting this idea. The paper also showed that fear of using these smart-cars is the only danger which has a noticeable negative impact on the study where the risks of protection, performance, time and cost did not have much effect on it. The study also found that improving the performance of beginner drivers was one of the most important benefits. 
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  The King Khalid University Database Center, a leader in database services within the Ministry of Education, obtained the Tier III Design Certification from Uptime Institute — the standard-bearer for digital infrastructure performance — for its cloud data center located in Abha until 27 May 2022. The certification illustrates the world-class capacity evidenced in the engineering and architectural specifications of the facility design. The Tier III rating shows that the King Khalid University Database Center meets the highest standards for infrastructure and capacity. Some of the factors leading to certification were that our data center allows for any planned maintenance activity of power and cooling systems to take place without disrupting the operation of computer hardware located in the data center. In a test performed by Uptime Institute, the King Khalid University Data Center reached a 99.982% sustained power level over a 72 hour period of no electricity. CIO Dr. Mohammed Alsaqer praised the support of His Excellency, King Khalid University Rector Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy. He also appreciated the efforts of the technical team working on this achievement. This achievement, he noted, represents how hard his team is working to provide the best services in line with the Kingdom's technical excellence objectives.
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  King Khalid University has set its sights on the implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 QMS, which will lead to improved service delivery to all stakeholders. In line with this initiative, the Internal Audit Team at King Khalid University visited the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education and met the Academic Development and Quality Unit to review ISO 9001:2015 QMS readiness. In attendance were Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education, Prof. Omar Alwan Aqeel, Vice Dean of the Deanship for Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Ahmed Al-Zamili, and a number of the senior support staff. During the meeting, it was duly noted that documented processes are to be followed to the letter to ensure compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards. It was agreed that the Internal Audit Team will conduct spot checks to ensure that the non-conformities that were raised are eliminated completely and measures put in place to prevent reoccurrence.  Supervisor of the Organizational Development Unit, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Hajri, said: "This visit was conducted primarily to prepare for ISO 9001:2015 QMS implementation. We also held this meeting to assess the level of compliance and conformity to the required standards."
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  Under the Mobaderoon initiative, the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education at King Khalid University recently organized an online training course entitled "Self-learning and E-learning Skills." This course targets faulty members and is to be delivered by Vice Dean of E-learning for Innovation, Dr. Naif Jabali. For those interested in this course, please (click here). The second course, organized in collaboration with Abha Community College, is an online training course entitled "Organizational Change Management." The course targets administration employees and is to be delivered by Ms. Sahar Al-Shammari, a lecturer at the Department of Business Administration. The course will be on Saturday and Sunday the thirteenth and fourteenth of Dhul Qi’dah; registration is available (here). Dean of Community Service and Continuous Learning, Prof. Omar Alwan Aqeel, explained that the first course aims to define E-learning, focus on its importance, and differentiate between self-learning and e-learning. It will also discuss the Self-Learning Impact Pyramid, strategic ways to e-learning and self-learning, and using self-learning tools. Dean Aqeel also explained that the second course aims to highlight the importance of positive change management and its role in developing performance, problem-solving, and achieving goals on the personal and professional levels. It aims to introduce: strategic planning systems and ways to activate it, administrative skills and its applications and leadership strategies in the administrative field.