7. Chat Lounge



1. Who we are? Who are you?

 One of the most important skills for language learners is speaking, likewise, it can be one of the most challenging skills. Therefore, this lounge was formed to assist our students to learn a

2. What students will learn? what


  • It is a friendly and supportive place for our students to practice English.
  • It gives our students the chance to use what they learned in the classroom but in an everyday language.
  • Encourage our students to work in groups.
  • Give our students the opportunity to think and express their feelings in English.

3. How will they learn?   how 

 We will have four activities during this term:

Ice breaker

Heads up

Two truths and a lie


Karaoke We will play a video with the song lyrics and music and students will sing.
Movie day We will play parts of a movie and we will discuss between each part.
Vlog The students will film a two to three minutes video about a day in their life.


4.  Important details and our team details


important details