Applied Information Systems Program

The program aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze, design, and implement advanced technological solutions for various challenges in business, industrial, and governmental environments.
About the Program


The vision of the Applied Information Systems program is to be a global leader in achieving academic excellence in the field of information technology. It aims to produce qualified professionals who contribute to improving the economic and social life through the best technological practices.


The mission is to equip students with scientific knowledge and practical skills needed to analyze, design, and implement innovative and effective solutions in the field of information technology.


  1. Provide students with comprehensive and specialized knowledge in the field of Applied Information Systems to enable them to handle complex technological challenges.
  2. Enhance the skills of analysis, design, and implementation in information technology, and develop the ability to make intelligent and innovative decisions.
  3. Foster strategic thinking and the ability to keep up with modern technological developments in information technology.
  4. Stimulate innovation and develop innovative technological solutions that meet the needs of society and businesses and contribute to achieving Vision 2030 and the strategy of Asir region.
  5. Encourage cooperation and knowledge exchange in the field of Applied Information Systems to enhance the program's educational level.
The curriculum

The curriculum of the Applied systems program consists of 6 semesters of two academic years in addition to a 6-month field training.  To show more details about the study plan, please click on the curriculum link.

Faculty Members
Program Supervisor
Iman Alqahtani
Faculty Member
Aliaa Abulrahman Asiri
Faculty Member
Dr. Safaa Saad Eddin
Faculty Member
Malik Misbah Abdulaziz
Faculty Member
Shatha Alqahtani
Faculty Member
Huda Bihir
Faculty Member
Suha Elrasheed Nimer