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Academic Language Webinars

• Webinars are designed to help you with language skills needed in a variety of topics related to your module.

• All webinars available in the spring 2021 are listed below. To enroll, first sign into BB at . Then, you will find instructions for how to sign up for specific webinars.


You will be notified when webinars schedule is confirmed.

Grammar- For more details, click the Proposed Grammar Webinar Description

Vocabulary- For more details, click the Proposed Vocabulary Webinar Description

Writing- For more details, click the Proposed  Writing Webinar Description

1. Websites to learn English:

There are countless sites on the Internet which advertise free online English lesson and, thus, it may be difficult for you to decide upon the ones that are good. So, here is a list of recommended websites for individual study:

• BBC Learning English:

• British Council:

• English Grammar:

2. Learn English with YouTube:

YouTube offers many online video channels that can help you improve your English language skills. Below are some suggestions for you:

• The BBC Learning English is probably the most comprehensive YouTube channel out there:

We suggest using this channel especially if you want to focus on British English pronunciation. Here are some links to the playlists you should explore in order to improve your pronunciation and vocabulary with this channel:

• “The Sounds of English”: