Graduation Project

The Graduation Project Step by Step

Applied College, ABHA branch

The Cooperation Club at the Applied College, Abha branch, in collaboration with the Deanship of Student Affairs for Female Students, organized the program "The Graduation Project Step by Step" on Wednesday, 27th of Safar, 1444 H. The program aimed to support the scientific preparation of female students in the Computer Science department, specializing in Information Systems, by providing guidance on the steps to complete their graduation projects.

The workshop covered various aspects of the graduation project, including topic selection, introduction, abstract, report chapters, and references. It was conducted by Ms. Mona Safar, a supervisor in the department.

Afterward, the students were advised on post-graduation opportunities, including internships and employment, and how to stay connected with the college to further develop their skills. The students had the opportunity to ask questions related to the project, training, and graduation, and all inquiries were addressed.

To celebrate the graduation of our students, gifts were distributed, including presents from the Computer Science department.


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