Chat Lounge Activities

Activity1: Ice Breaker

The Chat Lounge started the series of its activities with a set of games to warm up. The students played Head up in which a student will put on a card on her forehead without looking at it. The other students will explain the word for 3 minutes only, and she guesses the word written on the card. After that, they played Two Truths and a Lie in which one student will stand in front of the others and will tell 3 facts about herself. They will try to figure out which fact is a lie by asking her questions. Finally, they end up with the Debates. The instructor will present a controversial topic and the students will show their agreement/disagreement to the topic using the cards and then justify their opinions.


Activity 2: Vlogs

In this activity, the students made 2-3 minutes vlog clips of a day in their life. They talked about the day using English. They voted for the best vlog, Aryam’s vlog, and Allory’s vlog.

Activity 3: Masquerade

In this activity, the students wore costumes of their choice. Every student spoke about her costume.

We started the activities with some icebreaker games. The students took place in some guessing games like “Guess what is in the box?” and “Who is this?”. They also engaged in debates where they expressed their agreement/disagreement to some argumentative topics and clarified their views.


Activity4: Disney Day

In this activity, the students wore Disney characters' costumes. They took part in talking about the characters. They also discussed some scenes from varied Disney films.