Business Department

Business Department
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The Business Department is one of the most important departments at the Applied College, ABHA Branch. It comprises two programs: Applied Business Administration and Applied Accounting.



To be a leader in the fields of Business Administration and Accounting at the local level, and to produce creative graduates capable of contributing to the implementation of Vision 2030 and the development of Asir's strategy.


To offer distinguished educational programs in Business Administration and Accounting, based on academic and research knowledge, while promoting ethical values and professionalism. Our mission is to prepare qualified, creative, and influential professionals equipped with the necessary skills to face economic and developmental challenges and achieve excellence in the business field.


  1. Provide courses in Business Administration and Accounting that meet the demands of the job market and economic development requirements.
  2. Create an educational environment that fosters innovation in the fields of business and accounting.
  3. Enhance interaction between academic members and the economic and business community through partnerships and field visits.
  4. Develop ethical, leadership, and social skills in students, enabling them to become contributing and successful members of society.
  5. Utilize technology and innovation in the teaching and research process to keep up with the latest developments in the field of business and accounting.


The Business Administration program offers various courses in the fields of business administration, such as finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and…
The Applied Accounting program focuses on developing students' knowledge and skills in the field of



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