Vision, Mission, and Objectives

About College

The Applied College, Abha Branch, seeks to offer diverse and innovative diplomas that include various specialties to provide students with quality experiences that support the job market and contribute to achieving the goals of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, in line with the strategic targets of the Asir region. This is achieved by providing a suitable and attractive educational environment capable of preparing and training. students on work skills that align with development targets.


The college aims to play a leading and innovative role in both scientific and practical fields, which will support the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and assist in achieving the objectives outlined in the Asir Region Strategy.



The goal is to cultivate skilled and capable professionals with a solid scientific background through the establishment of an engaging and appealing learning environment. This is accomplished by offering a variety of current and adaptable programs that cater to the demands of the workforce.


  1. Enhance the college's performance.
  2. Improving the educational environment
  3. create new programs that are both sustainable and varied, meeting high quality benchmarks and aligning with workforce demands.