Applied Accounting Program

The Applied Accounting program focuses on developing students' knowledge and skills in the field of accounting, as the accounting program covers a variety of courses, such as: financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, auditing, and accounting information systems.  

     Program Mission:

    • Provide an academic environment that provides high quality education in the field of applied accounting.
    • Using modern technology through community partnerships that contribute to
    • Preparing a distinguished and qualified accounting staff that meets the needs of the labor market.

    Program Objectives:

    • Qualifying a scientifically and professionally qualified accountant who contributes efficiently and effectively to achieving the requirements of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.
    • Providing training services and accounting consultations to support and develop various local and national community institutions.
    • Establishing partnerships with local and national institutions to achieve compatibility between the outputs of the applied accounting program and the needs and requirements of the renewable and changing labor market.

    Characteristics of the graduates of the program:

    1. Possesses high applied skills in the field of accounting.
    2. Committed to Islamic values, and ethics of the profession and maximizing the sense of responsibility and patriotism.
    3. Able to practice lifelong self-learning.
    4. Proficient in innovation, analysis, problem solving and decision-making skills.
    5. Able to use modern technology and employ it in the optimal way in the field of accounting.
    6. Able to work in teams and lead different work teams.
    Faculty Members
    Program Supervisor
    Dr. Mona Abdulrahman
    Faculty Member
    Dr. Samia Mostafa
    Faculty Member
    Marzoqa Alsofiani
    Faculty Member
    Nora Alasmari
    Faculty Member
    Thanaa Alsayed
    Study Plan

    The curriculum of the Business Administration program consists of 6 semesters of two academic years in addition .to a 6-month field training.  To view more details of the study plan, please click on the curriculum link.