Success Story

Success Story

The Success Story of Dr. Hala Al-Zubeir - Assistant Professor at the College

Dr. Hala Al-Zubeir possesses a great passion for serving the university and the community, always striving to achieve accomplishments and excellence in her field of work. Her academic journey began with high aspirations to offer numerous training courses and make a positive impact on students and the community.

Dr. Hala has presented more than 20 training courses aimed at improving the quality of education and serving the university and the community as a whole. These courses encompass a diverse range of topics that enhance the beneficiaries' personal and academic skills.

Moreover, Dr. Hala participated in co-authoring an important book titled "Academic and Life Skills," which has become a significant reference for students and researchers seeking to develop their academic and life skills.

Her contributions were not limited to writing alone; she also served as a consultant for assessment and evaluation at the university since 1439 AH. Dr. Hala organized over 6 workshops on learning outcomes and the use of electronic assessment in exams, contributing to enhancing the quality of academic evaluation and developing the education system.