Earlier this week, His Excellency, the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Faleh Bin Raja Allah Al-Solamy, inaugurated a comprehensive range of e-services. In cooperation with the Scientific Council Secretariat, the General Directorate of Information Technology has implemented and staged the launch of e-government services. Because of this, faculty members will substantially benefit from three different services including - but not limited to- the academic file, the promotion system, and merit-based scientific excellence awards. At the beginning of the inauguration ceremony, the Deputy CIO, Mr. Wael Asiri, presented a detailed explanation of the new e-services. In his presentation, he talked about the essential features of the services that will be offered to faculty members. He showed how the academic file service enables a faculty member to organize and store all of their academic information in one convenient location. He also explained how the promotion system service allows the faculty member to submit an e-request, in addition to the ability to measure and assess numerical promotion rates. Moreover, Mr. Asiri showed the attendees how to apply for the scientific excellence awards in its various categories. In his speech, the University Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Saad Al-Omari, explained that the e-services developed for the Scientific Council were under the Rector’s guidance. Dr. Al-Omari further added that the Rector stressed the necessity for automating all faculty member e-transactions to reduce the estimated time required when performing related operations. Previously,  a delay would occur in most of the faculty members’ promotion requests. As a result, the new e-service system serves to reduce administrative efforts, increase transparency in procedures, and enable the applicant to manage and track requests. To conclude, Dr. Al-Omari emphasized that the new system will significantly reduce the time it takes to submit promotion and/or excellence requests by creating an integrated academic file for each faculty member that includes a separate area detailing scientific output. At the end of the ceremony, the University Rector directed officials of the Scientific Council Secretariat to immediately begin deployment of the new services at the beginning of the spring semester. Finally, he thanked all those who were involved in this promising project that is a key component in the University's vision and ambition to be a leading university in the regional and global arenas. As a final point, it is worth mentioning that the regulations of the new services passed through a full procedural cycle beginning with the request submission, then passing through the council of the department, the college and the scientific council, and ending with arbitration.
Corruption is considered one of the most serious and bad phenomenon in the world, which violates the community’s peace and security, that it affects the major and main organizations in the country, such as health, education and other public institutions and there is no doubt that there are consequences for not fighting corruption which may harm individuals and societies as well. In a sense of responsibility towards the community in raising awareness of the risks of corruption, Girls’ Community College conducted a program on fighting corruption and protecting integrity Where the dean and staff members attended it. The program began by explaining the components of the national anti-corruption Commission (integrity) logo which included the verse (and seek not corruption in the earth; lo! Allah loveth not corrupters) and an image of eye to confirm the message of fighting Corruption and its practices, and a palm which symbolizes the Saudi national identity. Then, the concept of integrity is defined as a set of values and principles that guide behavior towards a proper performance. It’s also defined as being away from bad thing. The program has addressed the most important goals of the national strategy of fighting corruption and protecting integrity in various forms, and how to fortify the Saudi society against the risks of corruption by adapting religious and ethical values and directing citizens and residents to respect legal texts in order to achieve justice among community members. A detailed explanation about the concept of corruption and its different forms were introduced since corruption has multiple dimensions and its concepts are varied according to the way we look through. Each behavior which violated any of the rules and regulations imposed by the system is corruption, any behavior threatens public interest is corruption, and any abuse of any governmental job to achieve private gains is corruption as well. Corruption has several forms including bribery, embezzlement of public property, abuse of position, illegal enrichment and nepotism which is the most widespread kind among them all.  Dr. Monira Abu Hamama, the dean of the college, presented a detailed speech about honesty, its significance, and implications. She said:” Today I’m here with you to talk about honesty, not because I'm better than you or my knowledge is more than yours.   But those words are to remind myself and yours that we are all responsible of the job that falls upon our shoulders. The word Honesty means (feel safe). During the period of our Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him, Quraysh Atheists asked him for his advice and opinion as he was known among them of his integrity and honesty. She, moreover, shed light on the different kinds of honesty such as honesty in worshiping Allah and conveying speech, etc. She concluded her speech by talking about the importance of honesty and its effect on individuals and societies, winning the satisfaction of Allah, and achieving justice. At the end of the workshop, some activities were presented including pictures’ analysis.   
We have reached the critical final exam period, and as a result, students will undergo intense studying and revising. During these final weeks, families of students will stand with their children to help them successfully overcome exams and obtain desired results. Prayers and Anticipation Thousands of families are waiting to hear good news in regards to their child's exam results. Every family tries to provide their children with an optimal environment. Much stress usually accompanies exams, and this brings out about the need to search for proven methods that create the conditions of academic excellence. Because the testing period is conducted over a short time, many of the students double their efforts during these weeks when studying.  Numerous characteristics accompany the final exam period – positive and negative – that we should be cognizant of. Educators and psychologists warn of resorting to stimulants during this period because they may result in a sharp drop in the ability to concentrate and a sharp increase in sleep disorders. The Positive Role of the Family The preparations of families for the season of final exams are of utmost importance to students and their parents. Educators confirm that it is necessary to manage time efficiently, organize their study time and take a break, as well as sleeping and eating well. The family should help to bear the burden by assisting in the management of time and creating the appropriate atmosphere for the examinee to study and revise thoroughly without being subjected to psychological pressures and the feeling of fear or anxiety. Many students have a problem in retaining what they have studied as soon as they enter the exam room or start reading the questions. Be that as it may, they are distracted by mundane social activities, and they encounter negative psychological symptoms before the exams such as boredom and motivational factors – a lack thereof –  in addition to suffering anxiety and drowsiness. Therefore, the student has to escape from studying to watch TV programs, talk on the phone, or overeating because he/she feels that all information, inside of his/her mind, will not be retained. for moor
As a part of activities and programs of community service committee at the College, a workshop entitled “Seven Habits for Success”. (70) Students attended the workshop, which was presented by Dr. Sabah Fathi, an assistant professor at Business Administration Department. The workshop focuses on three major points: being a responsible and initiative person, focusing on objectives and target, the importance of time management, achieving profit without loss, and practicing the skills of understanding. At the end of the workshop, a short presentation was introduced about how to renew your energy.
As a part of activities and programs of community service committee at the College, a workshop entitled “Planning for the Future, A way of Life” was conducted. Dr. Sabah Fathi, an assistant professor at Business Administration Department, presented the workshop in which (50) trainees attended it. Dr. Sabah shed light on three major issues: the importance of planning as a way of life, how to achieve self-excellence, and concluded the session with a detailed presentation of the ten traits of personality.
As a part of activities and programs of community service committee at the College and with the cooperation of Faculty of Medicine “girls’ section”, Girls’ Community College organized a program about first aid in Balasan Secondary school. Dr Hajer, the physician of the college, introduced a lecture in which she discussed the importance of first aid, which may contribute significantly to save injured person in case of late arrival to the nearest hospital. She also shed light on the procedures that must be taken in case of fainting, dangerous burns, different kinds of broken bones, poisoning and suffocation. Finally, a group of students from Faculty of Medicine introduced detailed explanation for each aforementioned case and almost 150 persons attended this workshop including the head of the school, teachers, and students. 
The Cultural Olympiad in its fourth edition, was launched at King Khalid University and was held for seven days.  King Khalid University students competed in 17 fields, and due to the importance of obtaining the required rank for the competitors and achieving the necessary standards in each field, the Organizing Committee has assigned 46 arbitrators with specialization and interest in each of the competition fields which were distributed on seven days.The competition  fields are "the best recitation of the Koran, oration, and cultural competition, and poetry, as well as the Prophet's Sunnah, and the prophetic biography. The competition also involved classical and Nabataean poetry, and the short story. The special arbitral competitions were related to works of art, such as" Arabic calligraphy, drawing, caricature, photography, light art, and digital art ". Two students from the Community College for Girls in Abha won in two fields: The first rank in the digital art was won by the student Malijah Nasser Rafdan Asiri and Rawabi Mohammed Abdulrahman Adous won the third rank in the field of Arabic calligraphy
Girls’ Community College organized an activity of an international day of disabled children at Disabled Children Association in Asir. The manager of public relations at the association and 55 children attended this activity. This activity was part of the community service activities that the college held regularly. The activity included a PowerPoint presentation in which the disabled children were introduced to the audience, some games, which are suitable for children’s case, and some songs where the children took part in performing them. At the end of the activity, there was face painting, gift, and games for the disabled children. 
Under the auspices of the Deanship of Students Affairs and the vice-presidency of female students Affairs and in cooperation with the Cooperation Club at Community College, a campaign was launched under the title:” Use it in the right way” on Thursday, 27/2/1439. The campaign started at 10 am and included the following themes:    The introduction of the program presented by the student Nora Al Marri    The Recital of some verses of the Holy Quran    A speech presented by the college registrar, Mrs. Ibtisam ͨ Asiri    A speech presented by the head of the academic guidance unit in the college, Mrs. Thanaaᵓ ASsaid    A speech entitled The Lost Herd about the use of social media    A video provided by the vice-presidency that contains the cons of social media.    Awards sponsored by the Vice-presidency for Female Students Affairs given to students who introduce the right answers to questions on the video clip    An awareness speech presented by the vice dean of the college to female students. The program was attended by the vice dean along with a number of staff members and 120 female students.
Within the framework of activating the community service activities and programs, the Community College in Abha was organized  the event of  the "World Literacy Day".  The event included a PowerPoint presentation that involved examples of those who completed their education at a later age and proved their success in many fields, and then a poem about the importance of education. Followed by cultural competition on  Holy Quran, the Prophet's biography , installation of some words and sentences and a number of mathematical operations ,  writing free opinions and comments by the centers'  learners  in the comments panel .The event closed  with  a drawing competition between the college students and the center learners  . The visiting focused on the goal of shedding light on the importance of education that  don’t  associate with a certain age and it  encourage  learners to continue and complete their  educational progress.     .                                         
As part of the activities of community service programs in the Community College in Abha, the International Children's Day was activated under the title  "Our children are the future and extension of the national civilizations" in the Sixth Kindergarten in Abha, which was attended by the kindergarten principal, a number of kindergarten teachers and 100 children. The event started with the national anthem followed by a recitation of verses from the Koran. This was followed by a PowerPoint show that included a presentation on the rights of the child and introducing them; the right to life, which is a fixed right to all, whether they are old or young and that everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person. In addition, everyone has the right to health, where international law affirmed the responsibility of the occupying Power for the health of the people under its occupation, and demanded the provision of a certain level of health services for this people. One of the fundamental rights of the child is the right to education. Principle 9 of the 1959 Declaration of Rights states the right to receive education, which must aim at raising the public's education and establishing it on the basis of equal opportunities to develop the sense of moral and social responsibility and providing effective members in the community. The child has the right to housing, the right of every child to adequate housing is indicated, and that this right should be activated by providing financial aid and appropriate supportive programs . The right to food was discussed: the relationship between the economic situation and the level of meeting the food needs of humans is great, and no one can ignore the poor health effects of malnutrition, which in turn lead to innumerable social problems. If awareness of the direct impact of food on human health is clear, this effect becomes very important and dangerous for the child. Finally, the right to play, which is a basic need of the child, is no less important than the need for health, proper food or education. It is  was therefore not new to say that playing and fun are of particular importance in the life of any child, for childhood is the period of physical, mental and psychological build. After that children participated in an activity that included physical and mental games. To get the smile on the children’s faces, they had face painting by a talented student. The activity was concluded by distributing certificates of thanks and appreciation by the kindergarten principal and activity coordinator who thanked the organizers of the event and the Dean of the Community College for Girls in Abha for this kind gesture.  
Under the patronage of His Excellency, the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy. The General Directorate of Information Technology (IT) held the first meeting of the University's Website Coordinators. Honorable dignities from the University attended the meeting including vice-presidents, deans, and staff. The Chief Information Officer (CIO), Dr. Salem Alelyani thanked all the Websites Coordinators who are the ambassadors in their faculties and he asked them to do their best in spreading the culture of information technology and services among the staff members and the students in their faculties. He emphasized that they all work achieve the national interest in general and the 2030 vision in particular. At the beginning of the meeting, there was a short introductory film about the new environment of the faculty websites and other electronic entities, which is characterized by a stylish yet simple look and feel. The presentation also included a procedural clarification of the steps to follow when requesting any service related to the main university website or the websites of other entities, in addition to a demonstration of numerous web tools, which would be useful while developing the site. The film also included an explanation of how to professionally edit images and designs, and more importantly, their importance in conveying a professional look and feel. Following after, there was a brief explanation from the Help Desk department and how to communicate via 8000, in addition to another detailed explanation of the service of mySITE and e-Prints. All of the attendees were urged to activate these services by training their respective colleagues on how to properly interact and utilize the aforementioned platforms. Furthermore, an informational session was presented where IT ambassadors learned how they could improve the global visibility of their website through search engines. Correspondingly, the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Dr. Salem Alelyani thanked the Rector for his continuous support and follow-up on the technical transformation in the University. Dr. Alelyani also related that the Rector maintains that the key role of the colleges and their employees in enriching the content of their websites and raising the ranking of the University are of utmost importance. Al-Solamy praised the sustained efforts exerted by the General Directorate of Information Technology affiliates in the advancement of the University and the lightning pace of electronic development. He directed all university departments to exert the required efforts in the development of their websites. He emphasized that he will spare no effort in supporting them to develop and enhance their websites. At the end of the meeting, the Rector honored the five first place-distinguished representatives in the following categories: Section 1: Number of Published Researches and Activation of Personal Sites: Girls’ Community College in Abha: The largest number in the activation of personal sites. Section 2: Best Researcher on the Online Research Repository Section 3: Best Personal Websites: Eighth Place: Amira Hassan Gibran Qaradi, a Student at Girls’ Community College in Abha. Section 4: Best Sites of Deanships, Departments, and Centers. Section 5: Best Faculty Websites: First Place: Lila Ali Maeed Al-Shamrani, Girls’ Community College in Abha.        
Athar club in the Student's Affairs for Female Affairs in cooperation with the community college in Abha held an activity  under the name of * Hey I love it *. The activity aimed at the definition of the Islamic veil  where videos of the work of students were presented, a contest of religious questions was performed and prizes were distributed . The prizes included  beads,  praise rings and some other gifts. The activity was appreciated by all attendees whose number was 50 students in addition to a number of faculty members and employees.
Within the framework of activating community service activities and programs in cooperation with the Seventh Intermediate Girls in Abha, a workshop on "Fire Safety and Security" was launched. The workshop started with the introduction of the workshop, which included welcoming and introducing the contents of the workshop,    Definition of fire    Fire components    Stages of fire    Fire risks and causes    How to fight fire    Types of fire extinguishers and how to use them    Procedures in case of fire     Evacuation plan to avoid injuries     Primary principles of fire control before the arrival of the fire team. The workshop concluded with practical application with the help of the students of the school on how to use fire extinguishers and safety means  
As a part of activating the activities  and community service programs in the college, a workshop entitled " The Development of  Managerial Skills" was performed in cooperation with Training Centre of Quality and Accreditation Dr. Sabah Fathi , an assistant professor at Business Administration Department at the college, presented this workshop and (36)  trainees attended it. The workshop shed light on the following points:     Identifying the skills of an effective leader.    Solving problems by using innovative ways.      Establishing and improving work team.      Over coming organizational conflicts.  
As part of activating community service activities at the college, a workshop entitled "Skills of dealing with Bosses", which was attended by 40 trainees from the first primary school staff and presented by Dr. Sabah Fathy Assistant Professor in the department of Administrative Sciences at the College. The workshop discussed the following themes:    How to identify patterns of bosses and how to deal with them.    Identifying obstacles of dealing with the boss and how to overcome them.    Using positive behavioral skills in dealing with the bosses.    Positive behaviors that strengthen relationships with bosses.  
In the framework of activating the activities and programs of scientific research at the college, a workshop entitled "Scientific Research Methods" . attended by 70 trainees and presented by Dr. Sabah Fathy, Assistant Professor at the Department of Administrative Sciences:    Study Title.    An introduction ends with a sense of the problem.    Problem of the study.    Study Questions.    Objectives and importance of the study.    Study hypotheses.    Terminology of study.    Research methodology and tools.    The community and study of the study.    The limits of the study.    Previous studies.    List of sources or references used in the study.  
As a part of activating activities and community service programs in the  College a workshop entitled " Excellence in Human Resources Management and Planning" was performed in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce - Centre for Businesswomen in Abha .The workshop lasted four day and ( 22) trainee attended the workshop which was presented by Dr. Sabah Fathi , an assistant professor at Business Administration Department at the college. The workshop shed light on the following points:    An Introduction to human resources management.    The core activities of the HR employee  (job analysis and human resources planning).    How to choose and develop human resources.    How to develop human resources workforce skills  
On behalf of the Deanship of the Community College for Girls in Abha and all its staff members, we extend our deepest condolences to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, His Highness Crown Prince, His Highness Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz and His Highness Prince of Asir Region. May the Almighty forgive and have mercy on him, and to make Paradise his abode.  
Under the patronage of the Deanship of Student Affairs and in cooperation with the Cooperation Club at Abha Community College, a program was activated: 'Proud to be a Feminine' The program included three themes:   Red Color Corner under the title 'Proud of my Veil' Gifts containing recommendations for students to maintain their veil have been presented.     Green Color Corner under the title 'Proud of my Appearance and Essence' which included encouraging expressions for students to have a decent appearance and high morals.   ​Blue Color Corner under the title 'Proud of my Guiding Example' where things related to the  Sunnah, such as the Sawak and Tasbeeh (counting) rings were distributed. This corner also contained a box for writing the name of one's best example.  This corner was supervised by Ms. Nawal Mousa, the coordinator of academic guidance in the college. The program started with a welcome note delivered by one of the students, and then some  flying balloons with the colors of the corners announced the beginning of the activity. The Vice Dean delivered a speech on behalf of the Dean, followed by the employee Fatima Al-Bishri's speech. Finally, students had a look at the exhibition.