King Khalid University was awarded the 5th Electronic Service Excellence Award, an award administrated by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and sponsored by His Excellency the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Abdullah bin Amer Al Sawahah. The award was received by His Excellency King Khalid University Rector Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy. The Electronic Government Achievement Award aims at honoring innovative government projects that have contributed to a significant qualitative leap in the implementation of electronic transactions in the Kingdom’s electronic services customer satisfaction. This year's award was handed to King Khalid University for "the customer voice service, which is considered a creative contribution in the field of services and technical communication." The service was developed by King Khalid University to receive consumers suggestions, requests, and complaints which are then transferred to specialized units. One of the most important features KKU focused on while developing this service is creating service tickets where a suggestion, request or a complaint is treated as an open ticket until solved. In turn, weekly reports are provided on the progress of the tickets and notifications are sent to the responsible parties on any late requests. A salient feature of the entire process is that the customer can also follow the progress of their request through the myKKU service on smartphones and personal computers.(moor) . للمزيد
His Excellency the University Rector, Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, chaired the 8th Council Meeting for the current academic year 1439 AH, in the presence of the Interim Secretary-General assigned to the responsibilities of the Higher Education Council, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Saleh, the university's senior leadership, faculty deans, and supporting deanships. At the beginning of the meeting, the Interim Vice Rector of Higher Studies, Dr. Saad Alamry, reviewed the topics on the agenda, which included the council's recommendation to establish a Tourism & Cultural Heritage College, the approval of the annual and final report, the approval of the Deanship of Students Affairs plan for 1439-1440 AH, the restructuring of the scientific council, and the approval of the academic preparation program for 1439-1440 AH. Interim Vice Rector Alamry pointed out that the council approved 4 new bachelor programs: Fashion Design Program – College of Home Economics Nutrition Program - College of Home Economics Advanced Sharia Program – College of Sharia and fundamentals of religion Arabic for non-Arabic Speakers Bachelor Program As for the master programs, 12 new programs have been approved: Mechanical Engineering Program in the field of Renewable Energy – College of Engineering Electrical Engineering Program – College of Engineering Fire Safety Engineering Program - College of Engineering Project Management Program – College of Engineering Computer Science Program – College of Computer Science Media and Communication Program – College of Humanities Computer Engineering Program (Coursework) - College of Computer Engineering Computer Engineering Program (Thesis) - College Computer Engineering Information Technology Program (Coursework) – College of Computer Science Information Technology Program (Thesis) – College of Computer Science Laws program – College of Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion Invitation to Islam – College of Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion.  
His Royal Highness Prince Turkey bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of the Asir region, expressed his joy and admiration of the team spirit at King Khalid University during his inspection visit on Thursday 17/8/1439 AH.  His Royal Highness was met by His Excellency the University Rector, Dr. Falleh bin Rajallah Al-Solamy, the university vice rectors, project managers and engineers. His Royal Highness explained that the role the University fulfills wouldimpact the region's economic achievement in accord with the Saudi 2030 Vision. He also stressed the importance of preserving the aesthetic value of the project and the essential need to “invest in the environment which is in harmony with the nature of the region."moor
As a part of scientific research activities,The third scientific seminar in the department of Computer Science and Intensive English Program has been held where three researches have presented as follows: 1-Teachers’ and Students’ Attitudes towards L1 Use in EFL Classrooms in the Contexts of Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia The role of a mother tongue (L1) in the teaching and learning of a foreign language (FL) has been the subject of much debate and controversy. This paper reports on a piece of research carried out in our own teaching environments (at universities both in Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia) and presents an analysis of the attitudes of students and teachers towards the use of learners’ mother tongue (in this case Bengali and Arabic) in English language classrooms at the tertiary level where English is taught as a non-major subject. For the study, two surveys with the same questionnaires were conducted in two universities each from Bangladesh and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) with the participation of 1000 students and 30 teachers. Results suggest that a judicious and moderate use of L1 does not hinder learning; rather, it assists, aids and facilitates the teaching and learning process thus providing the teacher with an effective pedagogical tool for maximizing the learning outcome. 2- ASPECTS OF FEMINIST WRITING A PRESENTATION OF COMMON ISSUSES ABSTRACT –Feminism emerged as an important force in the Western World in 1960s when women realized the attitude of their male colleagues who swore about equality, was actually the strategy used by them to keep women subservient, then a revolution by women to fight against them, and against racism and sexism was felt. This awakening spread over and as a result feminist criticism emerged on as an off –shoot of women’s Liberation Movement. Beginning with the interrogation of male-centric literature that portrayed women in a demeaning and oppressed model, theorist such as Marry Ellman, Kate Millet and Germaine Greer challenged past imaginations of the feminine within literary scholarship. It is very important for us to know that who these women writers are, what did they write and what were the sources of their writings. The present paper in its context talks about some female writers, the feminist view of discussion in their writings and their place in literary writings either they are written by male writers and female writers. The paper focuses on some of the above said important aspects of feminist writings and some of famous feminist writers also.  
Our dear students -- the future of this nation and the backbone of our country -- you are our hope and our dreams. Those that believe in success do not believe in giving in to the obstacles and challenges faced through life. During these critical days, educational institutions around the Kingdom will commence the final exam period. This time of the year brings the necessity for hard work to attain optimal learning objectives. As a result, many students complain that they are not able to study and suffer stress and anxiety which prevents them from achieving their desired goals.moor
As part of the scientific research activities at the college, the second scientific seminar was held in the Department of Administrative Sciences. It included three researches which were presented as follows: First research: Title: Promotion of Banking Services in Sudanese Banks / Case Study of Al Baraka Bank Khartoum Prepared by: Masha’r Hussein Khalifa Main Ideas: 1. Detecting the types of promotional means directed to customers. 2. Distinguishing the efficiency of employees in dealing with customers to sell the distinctive banking service. 3. Measuring the satisfaction of the client and the extent it has been achieved through promotional programs by the bank. Research Hypotheses: 1. Having an effective marketing department in the bank leads to achieving the Bank's objectives. 2. Achieving customer satisfaction by providing an outstanding banking service leads to profitability. 3. Promotion leads to increasing the effectiveness of the banking services. 4. Identifying the target audience when developing the promotional strategy at the bank increases the effectiveness of promotion. Second Research: Title: The impact of MIS on the performance of workers in business establishments. An applied study on the implementation of dams in Khartoum from 2005-2007. Prepared by: Dr. Maram Ahmad Ali Al Tayeb Main Ideas: 1. The theoretical framework of management information systems 2. Administrative performance in the dam implementation unit 3. Case Study Third Research: Title: Effect of the banking system in Sudan on savings (Case study on Faisal Islamic Bank of Sudan) (1996-2005) Main Ideas: Identifying ways to attract saving deposits and studying the policies and financial procedures that affect deposits and finding out the causes of cash leakage. The study discusses the effect of the Sudanese banking system on saving. A case study on Faisal Islamic Bank of Sudan from (1996-2005). The research discusses the problem of poor saving deposits in the Third World and studying the policies and financial procedures that affect the savings deposits. The problem of research is that the Third World countries suffer from weakness in domestic saving deposits, and that most of them are outside the banking system. Is this due to a relationship between saving deposits, bank defaults, and saving deposits? Is there a relationship between the currency in the public and the saving deposits? The study came up with several results, the most important of which is that the Sudanese banks, that follow the Islamic Sharia’a do not only serve Muslims in the homeland or other Islamic countries, but also provides a message of guidance for humanity regarding the role of Islam. Thus, the goal of attracting savings is not to profit under the Islamic system but to achieve economic and social development.  The relative importance of the Central Bank deposits item increased during the period from 1999 to 2002, in contrast to the period 1996-1999, where the contribution of other items was higher than the contribution of deposits in the structure of the use of the resources of the banking system
As a part of the activities of Graduates and Employment Committee at the college and under the patronage of Asir Municipality and Labor Office, the second meeting of graduates and employers was held with the participation of 11 various educational, medical, and service organizations in the region: - Al – Ghad International Polytechnic School. - National women's entrepreneurship Institute in Khamis mushayt. - Abaa’ Association for orphans care. - Al-Rajihi Bank. - Future International vanguard Schools. - Abna’a Watan Office for Employment. - Al – Rahma Hospital. - Dr. Abdullah Al – Muzheir Clinc. - Cosmo line Clinic. - Al – Jazeera Paintings. - Social Security Office at Asir Region / Female Branch. Twenty – Five representatives of these organizations attended the meeting and about 98 students who are expected to graduate this semester attended as well. The participant organizations had an opportunity to conduct an exhibition in order to show their services and job vacations available at their offices. With regard to the students who are going to graduate this semester, they had the opportunity to submit their CVs to the organizations in an attempt to get a job easily.  
As a part of the activities of Community Service Committee, a workshop entitled “The Skills of Academic Secretary” was conducted. Dr. Anjom Othman, an assistant professor at Business Management Department, presented the workshop where 30 employees attended. The workshop covered the following topics: - The notion of secretary. - Secretary importance. - The factors of successful secretary. - The notion of academic secretary and its role. - The required skills of academic secretary. - The responsibilities of secretary and office manager. - The pressures at work place.  
Under the patronage of the vice – president of female students at the University,Dr. Kholoud Abo- Melha, The Deanship of Students’ Affairs organized a ceremony of female students’ activities on Thursday 3 / 8 / 1439 H at the stage of Academic Campus in Balasaan where the deans of the colleges, vice deans, and employees of students’ activities section at General Directorate of Education in Asir attended it.moor                          
As a part of the activities of Community Service Committee, the college conducted a workshop entitled “The Methods of Determining the size of Research Sample”, presented by Dr. Hala Al – Zubair, an assistant professor at Business Management Department. Almost 18 trainees attended the workshop which covered the following topics: - Introducing the nature of the science. - Introducing scientific research. - Identifying statistical population and sample. - Procedures of identifying research population. - The methods of identifying the sample size. - Collecting and analyzing data. - Methods of identifying sample size in both equations, statistical tables, and the opinions of specialists and experts. The workshop ended with answering the trainees’ questions and giving practical examples.  
As part of the cooperation between the Supervising and Guidance Unit and the Center for Talent and Creativity at the College, the Community Service Committee participated in a lecture under the title "The Role of the Means of Communication in the Spread of Islamic Culture" presented by Dr. Ihsan Marghani. The lecture included the following issues: Explaining the Islamic culture, means of communication, the importance of spreading the Islamic culture, characteristics of the communication networks, Constraints of guiding to God through means of communication, how to guide to God through the Internet and the most prominent means. The lecture was attended by more than 20 students who appreciated the lecture.
In the presence of the Dean of the College, Dr. Munira Abu Hamama, her guests, a number of deans, vice-deans of different faculties, staff members and the College employees, the Community College for Girls in Abha celebrated the graduation of 340 students of different majors namely: business administration 158 graduates, office management 49 graduates, accounting 69 graduates and programming and computing 27 graduates, and information technology 37 graduates. The ceremony began with the royal anthem and the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by the march of graduates. Then the Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Qarni, announced the final result of the graduates. He congratulated all the graduates who have been associated with them since they joined the university up till now, wishing them a bright future. Professor Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al-Salami delivered a speech in which he said: "Here we at King Khalid University record this night a heartfelt farewell. Congratulations to the graduates on the noble Prince, and the great homeland, and congratulations for the joy the graduates provide to their parents and their families this evening." He added: "You should be the happiest today, and your country is proud of you." He prayed to God to keep the security of the country, the resoluteness of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and the understanding and awareness for his Crown Prince. Al-Salami told the graduates that their country has provided them with everything and asked them to support their nation and to stand together for their future which is the future of this nation. "You should know that the forces of hatred are conspiring and the schemes of the enemies multiplying against us, so you have to unite against all hatred and injustice. You have a homeland that is not like other nations, and with you the leadership will have the wisdom of the old and the enthusiasm of the youth. " Then, everyone listened to the speech of the graduates delivered by Noura al-Marri, and then the best students were honored by the Dean of the College Dr. Monira Abu Hamama as follows: Department of Administrative Sciences: The first: Noura Ahmed Qasim Qaradi, The second: Maha Mohammed Kheir Mekdad, Hanin Sami Kamel Abuzaid, Rasha Mohammad Nasser Asiri, and Fatima Abdullah Bin Hassan Asiri Computer Science Department: Sahlt Mohammad Salama Khulani, Amal Abdo Naji Al-Tirb, Sarah Qari Azizullah Mohammed, Amjad Abdullah Ali Sabr. Then the ceremony was concluded with the royal anthem.  
As part of the cooperation between the Community Service Committee and the Supervision and Guidance Unit at the College, in cooperation with the Asir Health Center, an exhibition under the title "Prevention and Protection" was organized. The exhibition included a presentation of the lecture by Ms. Thanaa Al Sayed, Head of Supervising and Guidance Unit at the College. The exhibition was attended large number of staff members, students as well as employees.
The Community College of Abha participated in the activities of the Community Service Committee in celebrating the workers in the Academic Campus to show gratitude for their role and to appreciate their efforts. The ceremony began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran translated into English. Then a power point was presented by Ms. Siraj Monira to show the role of the Bangladeshi workers in the development. The celebration included general competitions and distribution of prizes. The English competitions were presented by Dr. / Mei Ali Zein. The ceremony concluded with the distribution of symbolic gifts in appreciation of all the workers.
In an expansion towards the creation of a scientific future, through the design of precise mechanisms, King Khalid University established the newly formed Design Unit. The unit's central initiative is to build a future of learning, using enhanced design to increase the University’s innovation and creativity in technology, communication, and media to deliver better outcomes and to prepare our students for careers in innovation. The unit is based on four main objectives with achieving the desired goal in designing a learning experience: moor  
The Saudi Statistics Commission (SSC) in King Khalid University has set the election date to the 8th of Shabban. The committee will appoint a CEO on the day of the committee’s second meeting after the election. SSC Interim President, Dr. Ibrahim Almngie, called for membership registration through the link, noting that an active membership will give the right to vote for the Committee CEO and Council Members. He then said, "If you are interested in serving on the committee, nominate yourself to be a member of the committee counsel through the nomination form on the committee website."
In King Khalid University's 20th graduation ceremony, His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz, congratulated King Khalid University students on graduating, wishing them great success in their future endeavors to contribute to the growth of our country. His Royal Highness sponsored the ceremony in the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Sports City in Mahalah. Upon his arrival, His Royal Highness was welcomed by His Excellency Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al Solamy, the University Rector, a number of high-profile officials from the Asir region, and the University Council. The ceremony was opened with a recitation from the Holy Quran and a procession of graduating students.moor
Within a community partnership, Committee Service Community conducted a training course entitled “Evaluation and Assessment” at Faculty of Science and presented by Dr. Hala A-Zubair, a statistics assistant professor at the college. The workshop included a PowerPoint presentation where a detailed explanation and a practical implementation of the program were given through a questionnaire. About 14 teaching staff members attended the workshop.
In cooperation with the 17th Secondary school for Girls in Abha and Within a community partnership, Community Service Committee conducted a training course entitled ' enhancing motivation for learning ' presented by Dr. Hayat Atta Al-Mannan where she talked about the definition of motivation, its kinds, types of motivation, possible reasons for the decline of Motivation, methods that lead to learning motivation among students. More than 65 trainees attended the course
As a part of its role in activating community service programs in College, Community Service Committee organized a training course entitled “the future of internal wireless connections” presented by Ms. Malak Musbah and 25 trainees attended it. The workshop covered the following axes: the future of modern communication, the definition of the new technology and its applications in real life situations. At the end of the workshop, the experiences of some of neighboring countries especially in Dubai.