Success Story

Success Story

The outstanding student Fatima Al-Maliki - Applied Accounting

Fatima Al-Maliki was an ordinary student in her childhood, with low academic performance and modest aspirations. She dreamt of becoming a doctor when she was young, but her life took a different turn due to difficult circumstances. Despite that, she didn't give up; instead, she started working hard to improve her academic performance. Her mother was her primary supporter, always there to lend a helping hand in every step of her journey.

During elementary school, things became challenging when her mother had to travel for medical treatment. Fatima took on the responsibility of managing the household and taking care of her siblings in addition to her studies. Her academic performance was affected, but she never lost hope and continued to strive for improvement.

She faced significant difficulties in pursuing her education, but with the help of Allah, things became easier. She graduated from high school with excellent grades and began her quest to find the right university. While her initial choice was to study mathematics, she was accepted into the Applied Accounting program instead. However, she decided to see this as a second chance to achieve her aspirations.

Today, thanks to Allah, Fatima is in her second year at the College of Applied Studies. She is an enthusiastic learner and shares her knowledge with her peers. Besides being a university student, she is also a member of a Quranic recitation group, a volunteer team, and a deputy at the university club. Additionally, she runs an online service store.

Fatima Al-Maliki's success story is inspiring to everyone, as it proves that determination and diligence can help achieve dreams despite the challenges. She worked passionately to achieve her remarkable accomplishments, and she continues to aspire for even more in the future.