Volunteering Unit

Volunteering Unit


Leadership in volunteering and volunteer initiatives.


Enhancing the value of national belonging and volunteering among the members of the applied college.


- Achieving the Kingdom's vision by increasing the number of volunteers to one million and reaching out to them.

- Disseminating the culture of volunteering among the members of the college.

- Attracting volunteering ideas and initiatives.


The applied college obtained the first place in the number of volunteering hours and volunteers in the second quarter report sent by the General Administration of Volunteering and Community Service.


- Number of completed volunteering opportunities since the beginning of the academic year 2023: 128 volunteering opportunities.

- Number of individuals joining the organization: 274 volunteers.

- Number of individuals joining the volunteering team: 241 volunteers.

- Number of volunteers in opportunities: 800 volunteers.

- Number of volunteering hours: 11,125 volunteering hours.

- Economic return: 188,705.97 units.

- Satisfaction level: 100%.


Coordinator of the Volunteering Unit at the Applied College.
Fatimah Abdulwahab Al Fadheel