Success Story

Success Story

Dr. Rania Ziyada achieved the award for the Best Supervisor of Student Activities for the academic year 1444H.

Because of her dedication, tireless efforts, and unwavering commitment, she achieved the recognition as the best supervisor of student activities. This award was a result of her outstanding performance and great dedication to the Cooperation Club, at the Applied College, ABHA branch.

Under her exceptional supervision, the Cooperative Club underwent significant transformations. She organized and led a series of purposeful and fruitful activities. The faculty members appreciated her immense contributions in developing the club and fostering a spirit of cooperation and creativity among the students.

This award served as a testament to her talent and ability to lead and positively impact students. Her relentless dedication and genuine concern for the students' growth were the key factors behind her remarkable success.

Through her hard work and inspiration, Dr. Rania Ziyada has become an exemplary figure to be emulated. She left a positive impact on the students and encouraged them to achieve their goals and develop their leadership skills.

With finesse, she managed to balance her academic responsibilities with her supervision of the club. She has achieved numerous accomplishments and aspires to achieve even more.