Success Story

Success Story

Fatima Abdulwahab Al Fadil is an ambitious individual, full of love for life, hope, and optimism. She is incredibly dedicated to her work and has the ability to overcome challenges with courage and determination.

Ms. Fatimah is one of the prominent talents at Abha Community College (King Khalid University), who fearlessly surpassed all challenges and obstacles with courage and determination. Her professional journey began with a diploma degree, but she didn't settle for this initial achievement; instead, she embarked on a distinguished path that led her towards continuous development and improvement.

Working diligently and with unwavering dedication, Ms. Fatimah always sought to excel and achieve the highest levels of performance. She never hesitated to take the initiative to learn and enhance her skills, and her academic qualifications continued to shine brightly over time. Not only did she excel academically, but she also acquired numerous professional certifications that further supported her career trajectory.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she faced her toughest challenge yet, yet she utilized this period to focus on self-improvement and professional growth. She was committed to learning and achieving remarkable milestones within record time. It is with great pride and honor that she successfully completed her master's degree in Business Administration with distinction.

Thanks to her unwavering dedication and continuous contribution to internal and external committees, Ms. Fatimah has proven her competence and efficiency in the administrative domain. As the coordinator of the Volunteer Unit at the Community College, she achieved numerous tangible accomplishments. In fact, Abha Community College secured the first position in the number of volunteer hours and volunteers in the second quarter report sent by the General Administration of Volunteer Work and Community Service for the year 2023. According to the report, the number of accomplished volunteer opportunities reached 128, with 274 volunteers participating, contributing to a total of 11,125 volunteer hours. The economic return from these efforts amounted to 188,705.97 Saudi Riyals, and the satisfaction level reached an impressive 100%.

Ms. Fatimah emphasizes that King Khalid University, under its ambitious leadership, serves as a source of inspiration and support for all creative and exceptional individuals under its care. Her success story is a tale of inspiration and encouragement for everyone around her.