Training Courses

Training courses organized by the Guidance Unit


In cooperation with the Guidance Center, at the Deanship of Student Affairs and the Center for Talent and Creativity, The Guidance Unit conducts a program for the development of the abilities and skills of female college students as follows:



Day & Date



Your way to excellence.

10 - 11

Thursday 9 / 2 / 1440




ق 3 / 1 / 3

Ms. Eman Al-Ahmari

How to Market Small Projects.

9 – 10

Monday 13 / 2 / 1440

Dr. Anjoum Ahmad

How to use calculator.

12 - 1

Tuesday 14 / 2 / 1440

Dr. Hala Al – Zubair

Motivation towards learning

11 - 12

Wednesday 15 / 2 / 1440

Dr. Hayat Atallah

The reality and challenges of culture of volunteering in society.

11 - 12

Tuesday 21 / 2 / 1440

Dr. Maram Ahmad

Effective memorization skills.

11 - 12

Wednesday 23 / 2 / 1440

Ms. Dawla Al - Shehri


Public Relations in Charities


We are pleased  to invite you to attend a lecture on "Public Relations in Charities"

Prepared and Presented by: Dr. Anjam Ahmed, Assistant Professor at the Community College for Girls, Abha, at the headquarters of the Association of Abba on Tuesday, 1439/2/11 H., at 4.30 pm

:Lecture Topics

The reality of charitable work in the Kingdom and Vision of  2030 

 The concept and objectives of public relations in the field of charitable work  

 Planning public relations campaigns and advertising in charitable work  

Strategies for building a positive mental image of the charity  

Challenges facing the work of charities in the Kingdom  


Development and Quality Training Courses


The Vice Deanship of Academic Development and Quality of the Student Affairs Deanship announces the training courses for students starting at 4 pm "To register, click here"

The Vice Deanship of Development and Quality at the Deanship of Student Affairs at King Khalid University is pleased to invite you to attend the following courses:


Training program




The International Computer Driving License, or Cambridge Certificate in IT Skills

Mr. Ahmad Assiri

11/01/1439 till 06/02/1439 H.

Course duration: 4 weeks


Professional Computer Maintenance Technician

Eng. Abdullah Qurai'

Monday & Wednesday 26-28/01/1439 H.


Advanced Course in the English Language

Mr. Mathew G.

Course duration: 6 weeks

09/02/1439 till 19/3/1439 H.


English for Business Administration Program

Mr. John Van Roy

Monday & Wednesday 09-11/3/1439 H.

Qualifying Training Course


The Vice Presidency of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research represented by the Scholarship and Recruitment Administration is pleased to invite you to attend the Qualifying Training Course for King Khalid University Teacher Assistants' and Lecturers' Scholarships. The training course will be held on ,Tuesday 24/5/1438 AH corresponding to 21/2/2017AD, 08:30 am

For female attendees, it will be held in the chamber of Assamir Campus.For male attendees, it will be held in the Central Auditorium, Guraiger University City

Note that, the attendance certificate of this training course will be one of the scholarship requirements in the future