on site employees

Wage Personnel and On the Site Employee Promotion Opportunity


The Deanship of Human Resources, is delighted to  announces the names of the candidates  qualified for  promotion from  wage personnel and on site  employees, stressing that  the required promotion document are to be received before  08/30/1441 AH. The Deanship urges all candidates to complete the documents required through the university Enjaz system ,according to the attached statement, under the  supervision of the director of the department. 

The required documents : 

- A valid copy of the  driver's license, if any.

-A copy of the last  obtained educational qualification received . 

-A copy of the job performance evaluation letter  for the year 2019.

Note : last date for receiving applications is Sunday 10/09/1441 AH, and no application will be considered after that.

Qualified on site employees 

 -Qualified  wage personnel employees