King Khalid University

Training Programs of Faculty and Staff Deanship


The Deanship of Faculty and Staff Affairs at King Khalid University is announcing the start of registration in the training programs for the academic year 1439-1440 AH. Only, the administrative and technical employees who are not included by the faculty promotional ladder and the list of health posts can apply in the training programs. Registration will be available starting from 18/8/1439 AH and lasts for five days.

To register, (click here)

The Initiative of 'Your Awareness Helps Us'


In accordance with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and based on the University's vision which takes into consideration the importance of community partnership, the General Directorate of Information Technology is organizing an awareness-raising initiative 'Your_Awareness_Helps_Us'. It aims to increase awareness in the society on the dangers of informatics crimes. There will be numerous activities accompanied with a  booth held in Asir Mall, Abha, on Thursday and Friday 24-25/8/1439 AH (10-11/5/2018 AD), at 07:00 pm (after the Maghreb prayer). We are looking forward to seeing you there.For more details,(click here).

Dates for Summer Semester Registration and Handling


The Deanship of Admission and Registration is announcing the registration and handling process for the 1439 AH summer semester in accord with the following dates:

  • Students who are expected to graduate will be from 8/9/1439 AH to 9/9/1439 AH.
  • Upperclassmen from 1435 AH and below including internal visitor students will be on 10/9/1439 AH.
  • Other students will be on 11/9/1439 AH.
  • Requests through the Tawasol service (adding or dropping a course) will start on 12/9/1439 AH and end on 13/9/1439 AH.
  • Receiving external visitor students' requests will be from 8/9/1439 AH to 10/9/1439 AH.


Educational and health Program Activities


Believing in the role of the University in the field of community service which is considered a basic pillar of three working axes (education – scientific research – community service), and it is not only equally important for its role in teaching or scientific research, but also completes them, the deanship of community service and continued education at King Khalid University  declares a range of courses and training programs for a range of certified instructors as a part of  the educational and health program at Bilasmar Center, including crisis management skills and strategies of dealing with work pressures, the modification of children’s negative behaviors, the ideal use of social networking sites, personal styles and education (teachers of general education) in order to develop the capacity of community members and institutions as well. To view the list of activities and training courses,(click here).


Saudi Digital Library Courses


The Training Administration of Information Awareness of the Saudi Digital Library is organizing a number of electronic training courses. The courses will include topics like How to Use Information Resources as well as the Field of Scientific Research. The training sessions will take place in the period between (02/04/2018 AD to 14/08/2018 AD). The program will be held through the Saudi Digital Library e-platform in cooperation with world renown publishing houses.

All university employees -- faculty members and students -- are invited to benefit from these courses. Registration starts on 04/02/2018 AD by clicking on the link below (click here).  

Outstanding Talents Training Workshop


Are you interested in being a pioneer at your talent?
With the cooperation of the Association of culture and arts at Al-
Muftaha, the center of talent, creativity and entrepreneurship conducts a
workshop entitled “Outstanding Talents “which covers the following
- Drawing
- Photography
- Arabic calligraphy
- Video production
Time: 18-22 /5 / 1439 H
Take the advantage of the opportunity, limited seats.
Registration link:
The deadline for registration: 15 / 5 / 1439 H

The First Bazaar and Outstanding Talents at KKU


Under the patronage of the rector of King Khalid University, the center of talent,
creativity and entrepreneurship is pleased to invite you to the first Bazaar and
outstanding talents activity for students of King Khalid University.

“Make Your Future”

Date: 20 – 22 / 5 / 1439 H.
Time: 10:00 am
Place: Science College – Academic Campus – King Abdullah Road.
There are some workshops.
The participants’ gifts are presented by Gold’s Gym.
The main Sponsor: Barakah alarabia

Dates of external transfer for the second semester


 Dates of external transfer for the second semester of the academic year 1439 – 1440, from 25 / 4 /1439 – 1 / 5 / 14


: Transfer conditions

- A student must be Saudi or from a Saudi mother.

- The student must finish the preparatory year (if any) and apply for the corresponding major to their GPA.

- All applications are subject to department’s capacity and those who have high GPA will be selected.

- The student should study at least two semesters and not more than four semesters.

- The students should adhere to the specific time and place of external transferring.

- The student should not exceed five years since secondary school graduation.

- The students who want to transfer from private colleges are subject to university acceptance GPAs for the year of his secondary school graduation.

** Admission Process:

- Login to the portal, through the following link:

-  Fill in the form electronically and you are responsible for all valid information you entered.

- Attach the required files PDF format and then save the request.

Required attachments:

- A copy of identification card.

 - A copy of from High School Certification.

- Two academic records (original and attested) to the end of the second semester and a form of external transfer from the university in which the students is studying.

To all students:

- You have to follow-up your application electronically on the same website.

- We will communicate with applicants through sms messages.

** In case your application is accepted:

- Equivalence of the courses will be but not to be included in the GPA.

- The period of the study in the previous college, that the student spent, will be considered of the time allotted for the study in the new college.

(To check the dates and transfer conditions , please (click here).