English Intensive Program

3. English language support during your studies

Do you speak English?

Does this question sound familiar to you? Have you ever been asked this question?

We are sure that the answer is positive in both cases. We are also certain that there were times when you just ‘smiled your answer’ because you were too afraid that your English might not be good enough. So, we are here to help you dismiss these worries and even more!

Our course aims at developing your English language skills in 4 main directions:

1. Essay Writing

2. Speaking English

1. Coming to study at CC, in KKU

Coming to study in the KKU is a big decision – and if you choose well, it's a choice that can lead to thrilling and pleasing experiences.
At CC, we want you to make a accomplishment of your studies. Our EIP TEAM is here to help you get the best academic outcomes you can and experience your time studying in the KKU.
We offer a mixture of training sessions and courses that can develop your English language and study skills, while commencing you to life at a university.