9. Useful Resources

Academic Language Webinars

• Webinars are designed to help you with language skills needed in a variety of topics related to your module.

• All webinars available in the spring 2021 are listed below. To enroll, first sign into BB at lms.kku.edu.sa . Then, you will find instructions for how to sign up for specific webinars.


You will be notified when webinars schedule is confirmed.

6. Meet us in person

Meet us in person

Get in touch with us: Whether you have a question about the EIP or you face some difficulties throughout your studies, we are here to assist you with every aspect of your academic life.


So, if you are a student with a problem or question, please do not hesitate to contact the Head of the General Courses Department.

Each student will be advised in a one-to-one session during the office hours.

4. English Intensive Program (EIP)

English Intensive Programme (EIP)

The Community College is proud to introduce to you our EIP. This two-semester course has been specifically designed to help you develop your English language skills for academic purposes. Whether you need to study English as a support to your academic studies or you just want to improve your general language skills, our course will enhance your proficiency level in English.

1. Coming to study at CC, in KKU

Coming to study in the KKU is a big decision – and if you choose well, it's a choice that can lead to thrilling and pleasing experiences.
At CC, we want you to make a accomplishment of your studies. Our EIP TEAM is here to help you get the best academic outcomes you can and experience your time studying in the KKU.
We offer a mixture of training sessions and courses that can develop your English language and study skills, while commencing you to life at a university.