Deanship of Graduate Studies

Spring Semseter Graduate Studies Tuition Fees



The Deanship of Graduate Studies announced that it will start receiving tuition fees for the second semester of the 1440-41 AH academic year for students who are registered in the programs below. The payment of the tuition fees will begin on Sunday 10/05/1441 AH and end on Thursday 21/05/1441 AH.


Second Semester Tuition Fees

Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion - Professional Systems 

20,000 SR


Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion - Professional Dawa'a (Calling People to Islam)

15,000 SR

3 Education - Executive Educational Leadership

15,000 SR


Education - Vocational Education Techniques

15,000 SR


Special Education - Professional Learning Difficulties

15,000 SR

6 Engineering - Management of Construction Projects 19,625 SR
7 Engineering - Renewable Energy and Environment 18,750 SR
8 Business - Academic Business Administration 18,750 SR
9 Business - Executive Business Administration 17,500 SR
10 Business - Professional Accounting 18,000 SR
11 Business - Philosophy in Accounting (PhD) 29,400 SR
12 Computer Science - Information System (Courses System) 18,000 SR











Account Name

Deanship IBAN Account

Account No.

















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For inquiries, please call:

017-241-8335 (men);

017-241-4957 (women).


Names of the Candidates Admitted into Fee-based Graduate Studies Programs


Names of the Candidates Admitted into Fee- based Graduate Studies Programs for the Academic Year 1439/1440 AH

The Deanship of Graduate Studies at KKU is pleased to announce the names of successful applicants for fee-based Masters Programs for the academic year 1439-1440 AH. To complete the procedure of admission, the candidates should bring the documents listed below starting from Monday 14/11/1439 AH and ending on Wednesday 19/11/1439 AH.

Consideration 1

Bring the original copy of the required documents below for verification:

  • Graduation Certificate
  • Academic Record
  • Scientific Recommendations
  • National Identification or Family Identification.
  • TOEFL test or its equivalent for the programs that requires.   


Consideration 2

Candidates have to pay the study-fees.

Successful male candidates should visit the Graduate Studies Deanship to complete the procedure of admission in the main campus (Guraiger), in Building D, at the Main Services Hall, as stated on the dates above from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm.

Successful female candidates should visit the Vice Presidency of Graduate Studies at the Lasan Admissions Hall, starting from 11:00 am to 01:00 pm, as stated on the dates above.

In case of inability to follow the specific period above, the offer of admission will be canceled. In its place, another candidate will be selected from the reserve list according to order.


Consideration 3

Candidates who are admitted for the second semester (complementary) will be contacted later to determine the date of receiving their receipts and complete their procedures. 


For any questions, comments, or concerns, please e-mail or call: