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Available Temporary Contract Positions


King Khalid University, is pleased to announce that a number of temporary contract positions are available for PhD and Master holders. Applications are to be available from 27/04/1442 AH until 01/05/1442 AH. 

•You can apply here

•Available jobs and job locations


Admission to Non-fee Post Graduate Programs


University admission portal, will be open for post graduate  admission for both Masters and PhD programs for the academic year 1443AH, starting at eight o'clock tomorrow morning, Sunday 21/4/1442 AH, and  will continue to Saturday 11/5/1442 AH Time (11.59 pm), on the  (following link)

Applicant are to  review the available programs  and their conditions, previously announced, on the link (click here).All admission requirements must be met for each program during the application period, except for letters of PhD sabbatical leave, or the employer approval for masters applicants.

The Post graduate  Deanship,  stressed   that  applicant are  fully responsible for the credibility of  their  admission documents and contact information , adding that the deanship has the right to cancel the applicant’s application or withdraw his acceptance if the entered data or documents are proven to be incorrect.

Note : candidates will be contacted in the need of requirement qualification test.

Its worth noting that, second stage  admission for fee-paid study programs  will be announced  after the completion of the first phase admission.


For further information contact us on the following :

- Male Admission : WhatsUp /  click here   0172419240

-Female Admission : WhatsUp/ click here  0172414883

-Email :


Factors that Threat Research Reliability and Validity


The Scientific Research Unit at the Community College for Girls in Abha invites you to attend a distance lecture entitled: (Factors that Threat Research Reliability and Validity) presented by Dr. Nawal Musa on Saturday 04/13/1442 AH corresponding to 11/28/2020 AD at seven in the evening, from Through the link

The job competition for the positions of faculty members at the university 1441-1442 AH


King Khalid University announces its need to localize vacant and occupied academic jobs for non-Saudis for the academic year 1441-1442 AH in the university's faculties in Abha and its affiliated governorates and the university branch in Tihama according to the bodies and specializations shown in the attached file.

To view the list of entities, specializations and terms of the competition (click here)

To enter the application portal (click here)

The application period will be from Sunday 06/22/1441 AH corresponding to 02/16/2020 AD until the end of Thursday 06/26/1441 AH corresponding to 02/20/2020 AD.

For inquiries, please contact the e-mail

An invitation to participate in the Graduate Students Forum


The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies invites its male and female students who are currently enrolled at the university to participate in the second forum for postgraduate students, which will be held in the eighth week of the second semester of the academic year 1441 AH. For those who want to participate with an educational poster, they must fill out the designated form (by clicking here), no later than 6/19/1441 AH:

Note that the content of the posters will be reviewed and the participants will be contacted to provide them with the results of the review, and the participants and posts will be honored.

Admission to 1443Ah Postgraduate Programs


The  Deanship of Admission and Registration at king Khalid university , announces the opening of admission to the 1443 Academic year postgraduate programs for both the Masters and PhD levels. The Admission will be available on the University portal “ click here” starting on Sunday the 21/4/1442 Ah  and will continue to  the evening of Saturday the 11/5/1442Ah according to the following conditions :

Available Master Program

Available PhD Program

Master Program Admission  Conditions

PhD Programs  Admission Condition

Important information to follow while applying on the university portal

guide to applying on the university portal.