Abha Community College

Educational trip to Al- Raqidi Museum


In cooperation with the Deanship of Female Students Affairs, Al-Tawoun Club intends to organize an educational trip to Al-Raqidi Museum in Abha on Wednesday 1440/6/1 from 9:30 am to 11:30 pm. For those who wish to go to the museum, they have to go to the office of the Deanship of Student Activities to register their names and receive the approval form from their fathers.








World Sports and Entertainment


In cooperation with the Deanship of Female Students Affairs, Al –Tawoun Club at community college, is intended to conduct a program called “The World of Sport and Entertainment” which will be held on Tuesday 23 / 5 / 1440 from 10 – 12 at the students’ yard.Participation is available for all. Many gifts are waiting you.

















Training Workshops for Final Year Studen






Creative thinking in work place

Dr. Mashaer Hussein

Monday 22 / 5 / 1440

10 - 11

The Art of conducting personal meeting and CV preparation.

Ms. Ghaida’a Al-Ouseimi

Wednesday 24 / 5 / 1440

11 - 12

Job responsibilities and work pressure

Dr. Anjom Ahmad

Monday 29 / 5/ 1440

11 - 12

Website establishment by using Web Waver.

Ms. Suha Al-Rasheed

Tuesday 7 / 6 / 1440

11 – 1

Planning and managing income

Dr. Salwa Saeed

Thursday 7 / 7/ 1440

11 – 12

The management of small projects

Dr. Najwa Abdullah

Monday 11 / 7 / 1440

11 - 12


The head of graduates and employment committee: Dr. Najwa Abdullah

In order to get a certificate, a student must attend all the workshops mentioned above.

Workshop Venue: G 3 / 1 / 3


workshop entitled Excellence in Customer Service


Afya’a Ladies Association is pleased to invite you to a workshop entitled “Excellence in Customer Service” presented by Dr. Hayat Atta Allah A- Mannan, an assistant professor at Community College / King Khalid University. The workshop is going to be held on 22 / 5 / 1440 from 5 – 7 pm and certificates will be distributed to the attendees. it will cover the following pillars:

Customer’s definition and classification.

Positive attitudes in customer service.

The management of customer’s complaints.

Golden recommendation.

Abha – Al-Mansak District – across from Abha National Schools.





program old people are our beloved


“Shall the recompense of goodness be anything other than goodness?”

In cooperation with the Deanship of Female students Affairs, Al-Tawaoun Club and Community Service Committee are going to have a ceremony for elderly women from  ) Nursing home care for the elderly( under the slogan “ old people are our beloved”. This ceremony aims at showing them our respect, gratitude, and love towards them. it will be held on Thursday 18 / 5 / 1440 H, from 10 – 12 in front of the administrative building (1).







Reading program for all


The Community Service Committee announces the start of a donation campaign the
"Books used" In all branches of science and knowledge
The campaign List to donate rate the college Of female members And female employees And
female students Books And put it in a the places Custom It has an Entrance S: 1, 2 or 3
Where and shelves will be allocated for this
The duration of the loan is open and a competition will be organized for the best building in
the organization and the number of books provided and borrowed through the building
entrances library
In addition to the establishment of reading corners (take a book and leave a book) building S
/ 3/2/1 For those wishing to participate, go to the administrative building Office of student