Abha Community College

Personal interviews of Teaching Assistant Jobs


The university congratulates the candidates for the personal interview, which will be on Monday, 11 / 7 / 1440 H starting at 9 am, according to the academic headquarters shown in the link below: (link venues) and to know the result of the nomination (click here).

Important Notes:

 The candidates must submit the following documents:

 Academic Certificate 

​ Academic Record 

​ National Identity 

​ A copy of the university's aptitude test with the applicant's name 

​ civil record and be printed from the exam official website.

Equivalent document for those with academic qualifications from outside the Kingdom. 


Children's Day of Entertainment


In cooperation with the Deanship of Female Student Affairs, Al-Tawoun Club intends to activate the "Children's Day of Entertainment" on Wednesday, 28/6/1440 at 9:00 am at the Association of Disabled Children in Abha. The program includes educational games and cultural competitions which are performed by students of the Department of Administrative Sciences.