Abha Community College

Graduate Studies Admissions Test and Interview


The Deanship of Graduate Studies is pleased to announce the differentiation applicant test and interview date for graduate programs. It was noted that applicants should bring proper identification documents. Please click here for the date and location.

Please note that programs will be differentiated according to criteria approved by the Scientific Council. Admissions results will be announced in the near future in accordance with operational plans and procedures.


Student Fund Contract Candidates


The Deanship of Student Affairs is honored to announce the candidate names for the Student Fund Contract Positions :


Specialist Positions

 Accountants (male)







Abdul Rahman Faye Ibrahim Asiri



Adel Ali Mohammed Al-Ahmari









 Auditor (male)

 The job was removed from the pool of availability.





 Internal Auditor (male)





ID num




Nayef Abdullah Saleh Al-Awwad







 Finance and Investment Specialist (male)


ID num





Abdul Ilah Aoun Muhammad Al-Hajri








 Auditor (female)






Sanaa Yahya Abdullah Asiri







Non-Specialist Positions

 Sign Language Translator (male)


ID num




Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Al-Fifi



Abdullah Saad Umair Al-yala








 Graphic Designer (male)






Abdulaziz Abdullah Saeed Awad






 Theater Director (male)






Moaz Khalid Khalifa Alkhamis






 Sign Language Translator (female)






Manal al-Hussein Muhammad al-Asiri



Reem Yahya Saad Saeed








Candidates are requested to visit the Deanship of Student Affairs at the main campus in Abha (Building D). They are expected to arrive anytime during normal operating hours from Sunday 06/15/1441 AH to Thursday 06/19/1441 AH to receive and complete the contract within 5 days from the announcement.

Candidates are requested to bring:

  • The original and copy of ID;
  • The original and copy of the certification;
  • Experience certificate.

Dates of Differentiation Tests


The Graduate Studies Deanship at King Khalid University is pleased to announce the dates of differentiation tests for higher studies programs (Master and Ph.D.) for the academic year 1441 AH. The tests will take place in the specific places as shown in the attached schedule. The candidates should take into account the following:

  • Bring ID. Or Family Card;
  • Adherence to the date and place of the test.

* Schedule of tests' places and dates.

Please note that other programs do not require differentiation tests. The differentiation in these colleges will be according to grade point average (GPA) and GAT. The names of the candidates admitted in these colleges will be announced when the results of the admitted applicants for other colleges are announced.

Spring Semseter Graduate Studies Tuition Fees



The Deanship of Graduate Studies announced that it will start receiving tuition fees for the second semester of the 1440-41 AH academic year for students who are registered in the programs below. The payment of the tuition fees will begin on Sunday 10/05/1441 AH and end on Thursday 21/05/1441 AH.


Second Semester Tuition Fees

Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion - Professional Systems 

20,000 SR


Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion - Professional Dawa'a (Calling People to Islam)

15,000 SR

3 Education - Executive Educational Leadership

15,000 SR


Education - Vocational Education Techniques

15,000 SR


Special Education - Professional Learning Difficulties

15,000 SR

6 Engineering - Management of Construction Projects 19,625 SR
7 Engineering - Renewable Energy and Environment 18,750 SR
8 Business - Academic Business Administration 18,750 SR
9 Business - Executive Business Administration 17,500 SR
10 Business - Professional Accounting 18,000 SR
11 Business - Philosophy in Accounting (PhD) 29,400 SR
12 Computer Science - Information System (Courses System) 18,000 SR











Account Name

Deanship IBAN Account

Account No.

















For more information, please click here.


For inquiries, please call:

017-241-8335 (men);

017-241-4957 (women).


Recommended References...


Recommended References for the Qualifying Test of Graduate Studies Programs 

In coordination with Science Colleges, the Deanship of Graduate Studies announces the recommended References for the qualifying test of Graduate Studies (Masters- Doctorate) for the next academic year 1442 AH., which passing the test is a condition for the admission. Candidates will be communicated with later to be informed of the qualifying test and interview’s date and location.

The Scientific references(click here)

Admissions to Graduate Programs for the 1442 AH Academic Year


The Deanship of Graduate Studies at King Khalid University is pleased to announce the beginning of admissions to join available graduate programs for the next academic year. Submission of applications will be available through the electronic portal registration.kku.edu.sa. It will begin on Sunday 03/05/1441 AH and end on Saturday 20/05/1441 AH in accord with the conditions as follows:

Please Note:

Admission to graduate programs that include fees will be announced in Sha'aban 1441 AH.

Dates of Handling Schedules



The Deanship of Admissions and Registration is pleased to announce the dates of the first period for handling the 1441 AH second-semester schedules. All students will be able to manage their schedules beginning on 11/04/1441 AH and ending on 17/04/1441 AH. Students will be able to add or delete courses through the Academic portal.

Please note that all course prerequisites will be factored in as necessary.

Complementary Bachelor Degrees Admission


The Deanship of Admissions and Registration at King Khalid University is pleased to announce the application requirements for the complementary undergraduate degree. This announcement is applicable to graduates of community colleges for the second semester.


Application Date:

27/4/1441 AH to 12/5/1441 AH


Application Procedures:

  • Access the Academia e-portal by clicking here.
  • Choose admission.
  • Choose (completing a bachelor's degree for diploma graduates).


Application Conditions:

  • The applicant must be a graduate of the Community College at King Khalid University.
  • The student is not entitled to take the written examination more than twice.
  • The diploma students who wish to get a complementary bachelor degree can take the differentiation test at the relevant college for a maximum of two times after graduation.


The minimum percentage for passing the college differentiation test is (60%) and is calculated as follows:

  • (50%) of the test score prepared by the college;
  • (50%) of the GPA.


Admission will depend on the available seats according to the highest qualifying percentages between the applicants.


Please note that students who wish to continue their studies must submit an application through Academia e-portal, and the date of the examination will be determined later.