Strategic Media Communications in Times of Crisis: Media Center Offers Insights

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center The Administration of Media and Communication recently organized an online workshop entitled "Strategic Management of Media and Communication in a Changing World", Strategic Planning Administration Advisor, Eng Mohamed Saad El-Banna, delivered the 4-hour workshop to approximately 1,000 trainees. Afaaq Newspaper Assistant, Ms. Reem Asiri, moderated the workshop as it moved through the topics as follows: The Challenges in Building a Public Relations Strategy; The Definition and Components of a Strategy; The Idea and Concept of Public Relations; Principals and Goals of Public Relations; Modern Jobs Related to Public Relations; Strategic Domains of Public Relations; Levels of Communication; Relation Patterns and Strategic Management of Public Relations; Steps to Manage Public Relations; Stages of Forming Public Opinion. Eng. El-Banna explained that the workshop aimed to raise awareness of the challenges of public relations in a changing world. It also aimed to spread awareness on the procedures of public relations strategic management and developing leadership and management skills associated with engaging with the public. The workshop targeted different levels of leadership that included human capital consultants and supervisors, personnel affairs officials, and specialists in dealing with the public. General Supervisor of the General Administration of Media and Communication, University Spokesperson, Dr. Mufleh Al-Qahtani, confirmed that this workshop was organized for the importance, delicacy, and difficulty of the process of strategic planning in the field of media and relations, noting that the field requires special skills and high proficiency because it is innovative and renewable. Mr. Mohammad Shami, a scholarship student, described how the Kingdom's rich culture and the community’s awareness contributed to his belief in the Ministry of Health's message, which resulted in positive results and propelled the Kingdom to the forefront of the world with its procedures and societal awareness and cooperation.

38 Culture and Training Courses in Abha ’s Summer Tent

Among the activities and programs hosted by King Khalid University in the summer tent, the university is offering 38 courses in health, culture, and awareness, which meet the needs of the community and visitors.  The courses offered by the university include the following topics: personality patterns, preventing sexual abuse among children, implementing national moral and culture values, e-commerce, institutional excellence, marriage preparation, the role of Saudi women in volunteer work, mental health, t.v production, public speaking, mothers of special needs children awareness program, first aid, effective communication, Arabic calligraphy, computer network design and management, childhood and moral values, and breast cancer self diagnose. The university will also offer health awareness courses for CPR, suffocation emergencies, bone fractures, heat strokes, and diabetes. The courses offered are within the framework of the university ’s strategic partnership with Abha’s Summer Tourism and Awareness Tent, which aims to develop the society and its institutions by providing innovative solutions and quality programs that have a positive impact on human resources and quality development.  

الامن والسلامة من الحرائق

Within the framework of activating community service activities and programs in cooperation with the Seventh Intermediate school for Girls in Abha, a workshop on "Fire Safety and Security" was conducted. The workshop started with the introduction, which included welcoming and introductory about the workshop contents:                   Definition of fire    Fire components      Stages of fire     Fire Risks and causes    How to Fight fire   Types of fire extinguishers and how to use them      Procedures in case of fire    Evacuation plan to avoid injuries    Primary principles of fire control before the arrival of the fire team. The workshop concluded with practical application with the help the school students on how to use fire extinguishers and means of peace.    

Scientific Research Methods

In the framework of activating the activities and programs of scientific research at the college, a workshop entitled "Scientific Research Methods" . attended by 70 trainees and presented by Dr. Sabah Fathy, Assistant Professor at the Department of Administrative Sciences:    Study Title.    An introduction ends with a sense of the problem.    Problem of the study.    Study Questions.    Objectives and importance of the study.    Study hypotheses.    Terminology of study.    Research methodology and tools.    The community and study of the study.    The limits of the study.    Previous studies.    List of sources or references used in the study.