summer season

2976 virtual classes and training 815 lecturer, all in one week

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center King Khalid University continues the summer semester online for more than 29500 student in different majors in Abha and other provinces in Asir. The total number of courses was 653 which were delivered by 594 faculty members, those courses were divided into 1678 sections. The Dean of E-learning Dr. Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Ahmari, explained that according to the  Learning Management and Virtual Classrooms System, during the third week of the summer semester of 1441 AH the users reached 104751. The total number of ratings was 95378, and decision boards 15290. As for the viewed files they reached 1748, and virtual class sessions 2976, the number of attendees at the virtual classroom sessions was 65557. On technical support, Al-Ahmari stated that the support reports reached 181 through various means. As for training, the Deanship implemented, during the second week, a course on how to give a successful virtual class lecture. It targeted faculty members and was attended by 815 male and female faculty members. Three guides were also prepared and implemented. Tamkeen channel also continued its efforts to provide educational services, where the number of videos since the beginning of the summer semester reached 277, with 11,795 views in 350 hours.