Students Affairs

Students Affairs Organizes a Virtual Scout Camp at Kingdom Level

Source: King Khalid University, Media Center Students Affairs, represented by the Scouts Team at the Agency for Cultural and Social Activities at KKU organized a virtual Scout camp in cooperation with Saudi Arabian Scouts Association at the kingdom. The scout camp program included, training courses , a scout seminar and the participation of the Head of the Scout Activity Unit at the Education Department in Aseer, Dr. Mohammed bin Qaid Al-Asiri, who delivered a lecture entitled “Preparing scouting programs and activities''.The participations also included a course entitled “Scout volunteer work “delivered by the Training Specialist at Saudi Arabian Scouts Association Dr. Mansor bin Abdulrhamn Alshareef and finally, the Scout Activity Supervisor at the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Mr. Abdullah Mohammad Niazi, presented a course entitled ''Scouting Hobbies'. It is worth noting, that the number of people who benefited from this program reached 140 persons from various scouting sectors in the Kingdom.

Students Affairs Celebrates the International Day of Disabilities

Source: King Khalid University, Media Center The Center for people with Disabilities at the Deanship of Students Affairs, organized a seminar to mark the International Day of Disabilities entitled ''The Challenges that Face Disabled People in Light of the Corona Pandemic and the Most Prominent Solutions''. The seminar presented several topics, which included:''University Students with Disabilities and Online learning ''which was presented by Dr. Sireen Bakri, while Dr. Abu al-Ghaith, delivered a speech about the ''Challenges Facing Individuals with Mental Disabilities and their Families During the Corona Pandemic” Followed by the supervisor of the Department of Special Education Dr. Basma Al- Shahrani, who discussed “The impact of the Corona Pandemic on the Education of People with Disabilities”. Finally, the Supervisor of the Center of People with Disabilities at the Student Affairs Agency Dr. Amer Ali Jafar, concluded the seminar by talking about” The Services Offered to People on the Spectrum, During the Corona Pandemic” It is worth noting that the number of attendees reached an estimate of 150 persons . On the same note, the Center of People with Disabilities in cooperation with the Zamzam association, held a number of activities for children with disabilities at Al- Rashid Mall, in the presence of the organizing committee, the supervisor of the center, Dr. Amer Jaafar, and a number of volunteers, in addition to an educational booth which displayed the services provided by the university for students with disabilities .