Student clubs Forum

Club Cooperation College participates in the Forum of student clubs

Club participated in its community college in cooperation with deanship of students for student affairs at student clubs by lifting club college of arts and sciences one rafidah on Wednesday 13/3/1440 H ,which addressed a range of important topics to activate student activities and stimulate students to participate in activities and highlight their talents and support them and the reasons women are not mobile activities.  And the participation of the Club in the sixth axis of axes of the Forum we heya what relationship between talent and student activities we talked about the role of student activities and student support clubs in software activation talented and smoothed them and that was by asking the student experience the inventor rahaf Nasser And who was the Club's major role in bringing out her talent (medical bulletin barcode innovation, Mobile charger, and Chair of medical analysis) and encourage and support talent Center outreach to special supervisor oversees invented and patented innovations registration with the permission of Allah, We thank very much Dr. Wjdan for giving us the opportunity to participate and their efforts to get this forum as Superintendent