student activities

University Hosts Saudi Universities Student Affairs Directors

The University Vice Rector of Female Student Affairs Dr. Khlood Abu Melha sponsored the closing ceremony of the students activities for the year 1439/1440Ah , in the presence of the Saudi Universities student affairs directors.  The Vice Dean of the deanship of Student Affairs  Dr. Fatimah Shaban confirmed that what the deanship achieved was the result of team work and dedication , pointing that the deanship is always keen on investing in student talents and supporting creativity and invitation, Adding that the deanship contributes in the  academic achievement of the students in the university while  it  aims to support the  preparation of future leaders in  light of the 2030 vision. During the  ceremony the attendees watch a documentary  film that encourages students in all fields, after that the university vice rector of students affairs Dr. Khlood Abu Melha  delivered a speech in it she explained that the Students Affairs deanship  has always sought to achieve all that would promote the development of the  university, through providing a creative environment that hosts talents and skills and contributes in harvesting quality outcomes.....more 

Towards a clean learning environment

On the directives of the Rector of the University to establish a clean-up campaign in the girls 'colleges, the cooperation club in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs, represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs, organized the "Towards a Clean Educational Environment" program, which was activated for two days in the students' Dr. Aminah Raafat and his quality agent entitled Cleanness of the university environment as a religious and national duty. The program also included the launch of the campaign by his college assistant Dr. Samia Mustafa. Then the members of Environment Friends Association, consisting of students of faculty activity, The program included a corner containing various cleaning tools and a corner containing recycled works of art, co-sponsored by the community service committee and public relations and a number of members of the teaching staff and administrative staff.