Online Workshop Organized by Measurement and Evaluation Center

Source:  King Khalid University - Media Center The Measurement and Evaluation Center at King Khalid University recently organized an online workshop for faculty members. The purpose of the workshop was two‐fold. First, it was to review information related to appropriate assessment methods that accurately measure and evaluate learning outcomes (1) and (2) conceptually explain why course learning outcomes, assessment methods, and teaching strategies should fit and flow together as an integrated learning and teaching process. The first session of the workshop was chaired by Measurement and Evaluation Center Consultant, Dr. Hala Al-Zobair, and began with Measurement and Evaluation Center Head, Dr. Saeed Almueed, giving a talk on how to use SPSS to evaluate course learning outcomes and analyze student performance. Focusing on electronic tests, Dr. Almueed aimed to introduce fundamental SPSS basics and related features after results are exported from Blackboard. He explained that educators need to code raw data, perform quantitative analysis, and interpret results. The second session of the workshop was chaired by Measurement and Evaluation Center Coordinator, Dr. Mona Al-Assal, and began with a talk on the new direction of the Measurement and Evaluation Center and the importance of test banks for our students. It was highlighted that the center's focus has shifted since its inception with adaptability and flexibility to serve the shifting priorities for instructors. The main component of those priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic is the creation of test banks to be used in the achievement test. A call was made to all faculty members to utilize the Measurement and Evaluation Center's services to develop and improve the educational and academic process.