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Programs for People with Disabilities

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  The Center for People with Disabilities which is affiliated to the Deanship of Students Affaires at King Khalid University, is to organize a virtual summer camp program as a part of “Mobaderon”. The summer camp program is entitled “A Struggle and Success Story”, the program will be divided into two stages. The first, starts on Monday the 15th until Wednesday the 17th of Dhul Qi’dah. The second, from the 22nd until 24th of Dhul Qi’dah. Registration is available by (clicking here) and (clicking here) before the beginning of the program. The supervisor of the Center for People with Disabilities Dr. Amer Jaafar, explained the program included a number of interviews with inspiring individuals with disabilities. A program for the students which focuses on counseling, academic guidance and support for students with disabilities. It also aims to facilitates the process of integrating students with disabilities with the rest of students in the university community. As well as defining disability, introducing its characteristics and educating people on dealing with it. In addition to involving people with disabilities in all the activities inside and outside the university, and providing advice and support to them. In a related context, the Center for People with Disabilities held an online course for people with hearing disabilities entitled “The Strong Personality”. The course was delivered by a trainer with a Hearing disability, Mr. Walaa Barakati. The attendees were more than 100 trainer, either inside Saudi or abroad. The assistant supervisor of the Center for People with Disabilities, Dr. Sirin Al-Bakri, explained the course aims to introduce the elements of a strong personality and how to communicate confidently and comfortably with others. As well as introducing some characteristics of personalities, how to deal with extreme shyness, defining positivity and types of body language.