Smart Cars

A recommendation to adopt self-driving smart cars

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  A study to one of King Khalid University scholarship students recommended car agencies and smart car developers to adopt self-driving smart cars for female beginner drivers. It suggested the necessity of providing simulation systems which enable drivers to experience a self-driving car before purchasing it to overcome the potential dangers of stress. Ms. Areej Ahmed Al-Shaafi, a scholarship student from the College of Science and Arts at Mahayel Asir, presented a paper entitled “Adopting Self-Driving Cars by Female Beginner Drivers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. The paper was a component of her PhD thesis at UTM, she participated with it in a scientific conference then it was published. Al-Shaafi explained the purpose of this study which was to focus on the projects, initiatives and partnerships which will increase the Saudi GPD by 2030. Especially in relation to activating modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. In addition to the possibility of using them positively in serving entities, companies and institutions through centers and units of artificial intelligence in universities, like the Artificial Intelligence Center at King Khalid University. Adopting Self-Driving cars and cars equipped with driver support technologies will contribute in supporting female drivers to overcome their fears, and thus reduce accidents and the need to recruit expatriate workers. In the paper, the Researcher used the Net Valence Model to asses the advantages and disadvantages of adopting smart cars in the future, and how it will affect the discussions of using them by beginner female drivers. The paper’s initial results reveled that the advantages exceed the disadvantages which is a positive indicator for accepting this idea. The paper also showed that fear of using these smart-cars is the only danger which has a noticeable negative impact on the study where the risks of protection, performance, time and cost did not have much effect on it. The study also found that improving the performance of beginner drivers was one of the most important benefits.