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The university launched two training workshops in writing papers and theses

Source: king Khaled University- Media Center King Khalid University represented by the Deanship of Graduate Studies, the university launched a training workshop entitled "Common Mistakes in Writing Scientific Theses" presented by Prof. Muhammad bin Yahya Abu Melha, the Professor of Literature and Criticism at College of Humanities. The workshop aimed to identify common mistakes in writing master’s and PHD theses such as: errors in selecting the research subject and in the formulation of the title; errors in the body of research; in documentation; indexing; as well as learning some common language mistakes. the Deanship of Scientific Research launched another workshop entitled "Principles for preparing research papers and publishing" Presented by the Associate Professor at the Mathematics Department and the Vice Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Zahbah Al-Raiza. the workshop presents scientific basis for writing scientific research from idea to publication. These courses come within the training programs the university offered through "Mubadaroon" program, which targeting to the university students, employees and all society.