Personal Protective Equipment

Tehama Campus Issues COVID-19 PPE to Faculty and Staff

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center   The Department of Operation and Maintenance at the Tehama Campus delivered cloth masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) to faculty and staff, which is designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Tehama Campus Supervisor, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shehri, explained that the initiative is a way to adhere to the instructions and precautions against COVID-19, coinciding with the slogan "Return Carefully". He added this initiative is supervised by His Excellency the University President because he prioritizes the health and safety of the university community. This initiative is within the efforts exerted by the Office of Technical Affairs represented by the Department of Operation and Maintenance. Assistant General Supervisor of the Technical Affairs, Mr. Abdul Rahman Murea, reiterated that humanity is the most precious and valuable resource for any organization therefore maintaining their health is a top priority. He pointed out that the initiative is part of the efforts made by the Office of Technical Affairs to raise the level of its services. Operation and Maintenance Manager, Mr. Metib Al-Shehri, explained that the initiative is an extension to a series of initiatives implemented by the department, which were supported and directed by the campus supervisor and his assistant for technical affairs.