new students

The Abha community renews loyalty and welcomes 630 new students

The college has celebrated two occasions: the first is celebrating the national Day and the second is welcoming new students who have just started their educational journey. The ceremony began with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran. Then, the dean of the college, Dr. Munira Abu Hamama, delivered her speech. She said: “In the name of Allah and praise be to Allah who gave us the honor to be Muslims and peace and prayers be upon His messenger. Today we celebrate the eighty – seventh National Day, which is an annually celebrated occasion by the nation. In this occasion, we remember Allah’s grace on this country and its people since King Abdul Aziz , may Allah have mercy on him, unified it. Allah gave us many graces like feeling secure and safe under the patronage of our leadership and the government of this country, which we ask Allah to bless and help them in achieving victory of all Muslims’ issues and unifying its people for obeying them.The human’s love for his homeland is innate. It is not surprisingly that a human loves his homeland where he grew, and feels homesickness when he is a way from it. Is this love sufficient for this country?These emotions are not enough but we have to turn this love into a practice by preserving the country’s savings, security, and the unity of its people. Allah created us and ordered us to build this Universe and this is what we call, Appointment of successor, “He brought you forth from the earth, and settled you therein”The second occasion is welcoming fresh students at Girls’ Community College and I pray to Allah to help you in achieving success. However, this success cannot be achieved unless you study hard.After the dean’s speech, the registrar talked about the regulations of the college.Then the ceremony included presentations about: Academic advising and counseling Unit. E-learning unit presented how it improves the educational process and the students’ skills Academic development and accreditation unit introduced a presentation, which focused on how this unit helps in improving the educational process and learning outcomes. It is worth mentioning that there were corners presented some booklets and brochures for each unit in the college. The deanship of students’ welfare participated in this ceremony as well by preparing a corner in which the deanship’s missions were presented and how they contribute in developing the college. A talent and creativity Center participated in this ceremony by presenting some of the students’ works. At the end of the ceremony, the dean, vice-dean, staff members and many students took a look around all the corners in which each unit presented its missions.