MobaderoonM Intellectual Awareness Unit

National Electronic Competition Launched to Strengthen Patriotism

Source:King Khalid University - Media Center   The Intellectual Awareness Unit at King Khalid University launched a national electronic competition as a part of "Mobaderoon". The competition aims to strengthen the feelings of loyalty and affiliation towards the nation and is entitled "Together We Protect Our Country". The competition has seven categories, and it starts on Saturday the 20th of Dhul Qi’dah. For registration and information on the competition, please (click here). Dean of the College of Sciences and Arts at Dhahran Al-Janoub, Supervisor of the Intellectual Awareness Unit, Dr. Misfer bin Ahmed Al-Wadai, explained the competition aims to raise the community's awareness, noting that it will explain the proper ways to use social media, introduce how radical organizations use social media to spread their ideas, and strengthen the feelings of patriotism through social media. He pointed the competition is divided into seven categories: YouTube videos, Snapchat videos, motion graphics, digital arts, press articles, community initiatives and photographs.