KKU Portal

The New Vision of KKU Portal

Source:   His excellency  Rector of King Khaled University Prof. Faleh Al-Solami finally drops the curtain of the university new  portal after it developed by the General Administration of Information Technology team at the university, also Al-Solami praised the efforts of the IT team, asserting that this development is a proof of the outstanding level of the university and IT team. Al-Solami stressing on The necessity of cooperation between the university entities to provides the portal with everything that serves the university’s employees, students, and visitors to reflects the development achieved by the university. "the development of the portal is an advanced and modern level from where the international universities ended, and a development workshops has been giving to the team and benchmarking comparisons with international universities" CEO, Dr. Mohammed Al-saqer said .  Also Al-Saqer expressed his thanked to His Excellency Rector of KKU and The University Vice-Rector of Educational and Academic Affairs for their support to  the administration A development tutorial video of the new portal presented to the attendee, further, Abdulrahman kamel explained that the new portal isn't only easy for the university employee but also for The special needs users and smart devices and tablets in Anglo-Arabic version, There are also sections for the university special  employees and students. All the university achievements, events,  information, news and announcements are presented too The most Highlighting about the new portal is taking care of the content, the form, the latest technologies and the strongest open source in web designing; considering the global trend in website designing, simplifying and facilitating it to the user, and activate the more practices and enjoyable user experience, further, meeting the changing needs and responses to all  different devices and Browsers- Responsive Design-, also some services are featured such as mySITE and mykku, the pictures were distributed in the most beautiful display, implementing  'Foucus Point' idea and saving pictures through creating a mask of it and implementing it in more than one template, and replacing  all icons to open source icons to reducing the heft on the site like' FontAowsome'. The new portal also features Dark Mode, MyKKU, MySight, Response, and Portofolio, and the university Statistics and achievements. In numbers language:  tasks reached 1118 tasks; 8116 working hour; The site pages are 4628; 21 worker in the team; 17 workshop has been taken; 16 sessions of brainstorming; 11900 News has been transferred from the old site to the new one