Hearing-Impaired students

e-Learning Courses & the Coronavirus: King Khalid University Improves Accessibility in the Virtual Classroom

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center The Khamis Mushait Community College cooperated with the Center of Persons with Disabilities to deliver online courses with sign language to hearing-impaired students. This move was a precautionary measure taken to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. With evolving learning accommodations and assistive technologies like captioning and transcription services, the Deanship of E-Learning offers students with hearing impairments a more accessible, flexible, and personalized educational experience.   In response to the growing demand, a committee was formed to continue teaching these students. Khamis Mushait Community College Dean, Dr. Ahmed Al-Mureea, explained that the committee focused on the importance of maintaining quality standards in the educational process, urging faculty members to do their best to help our hard of hearing or deaf students. Dean's Assistant, Dr. Amal Al Mushait, noted that her proposal was approved. It calls for interpreters to contribute with teachers in delivering course content. Dr. Al-Mushait also explained that the filming and recording of the lectures took place on both the male and female colleges, noting that lectures will be frequently uploaded to Blackboard. Director of the Center of Persons with Disabilities, Dr. Amer Jaafar, explained that the Center is contributing to all the services offered to the hearing-impaired students. Of noteworthy mention, the Deanship of E-Learning achieved a full electronic transformation in record time. It is working on supporting both synchronous and asynchronous electronic teaching systems. It is also working on finding alternative plans in case of any system difficulties.

Admission Procedures for 60 Hearing-Impaired Students Completed

Source:King Khalid University - Media Center The Deanship of Admissions and Registration announced the admission of students with hearing impairment for the second semester of the 1441 academic year. Dean of Admissions and Registration, Dr. Abdulmuhsin Algarni, explained that the university attaches great importance to serving special needs students, noting that sign language interpreters will be offered in cooperation with the Student Fund and the Persons with Disabilities Special Services Unit at the Deanship of Student Affairs. Dean Algarni pointed out that the university strives to offer what is necessary to support special needs students to continue their studies and enable them to play an effective role in society and in nation-building.