Hearing Impaired

Electronic corses to the hearing impaired

 Source: King Khalid University- Media Cente King Khalid University represented in Khamis Mushait’s Community College cooperated with the Center of Persons with Disabilities to give online courses with sign language to the hearing impaired students. This move was a precautionary measure taken to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. As a result the usual education process is transformed into an E-Learning one. Because the College is designated to teach the hearing impaired students and considering their different abilities, the nature of their online courses would need special preparation. This was approved during the meeting of the committee formed to continue teaching these students. The Dean of Khamis Mushait’s Community College Dr. Ahmed Al-Mureea, explained that the committee stressed on, during its meeting, the importance of continuing the educational process under these circumstances. In order to achieve the University’s goals, and to meet the needs of those special needed students who wish to further continue their education. The committee urged the faculty members to do their best to help those students, and to comprehend their exceptional needs in order to achieve a better learning experience. It also stressed on the  approval of a full E-Learning program for those students. It is important to change what needs to be changed or added to achieve the goal of teaching courses online. The coordination department is to be designated to complete all the procedures, employ the appropriate mechanisms and use the support means to enhance the quality of this E-Learning process. Such as using educational videos, virtual classrooms and WhatsApp groups for the students. Sign language interpreters is to help the teachers in delivering their lectures. Through approving the Dean Assistant Dr. Amal Al Mushait proposal in Allowing the interpreters to contribute with the teachers in giving the courses through interpretation while following the scientific and systematic norms. And a cooperation between the teachers from both the male and female colleges was also proposed. Dr. Amal Al Mushait also explained that the filming and recording of the lectures took place on both the male and female colleges. The lectures will be uploaded on the E-Learning platform periodically according to the established norms. The Dean Assistant is supervising this process in the female college. And the Vice Dean of Development and Quality is supervising the process in the male college. The Director of the Center of Persons with Disabilities at the Deanship of Student Affaires, Dr. Amer Jaafar, explained that the Center is contributing on all the services offered to the hearing impaired students. There has been a coordination with the Community College that lead to this machanisim which is an excellent alternative. It’s worth noting that the Deanship of E-Learning achieved a full electronic transformation in a record time. It is working on supporting both synchronous and asynchronous electronic teaching systems. It is also working on finding alternative plans in case of any system difficulties.

University Accommodates the Hearing Impaired Educational Strategies Implemented

Source:King Khalid University - Media Center The university's Assistant Supervisor of the Center for Persons with Disabilities, Dr. Sirin Talal Al-Bakri, gave a lecture about the appropriate teaching methods for deaf students and the importance of understanding the role and responsibilities of faculty members. She explained that supporting deaf students through academic accommodation makes a big difference in their college experience. Dr. Al-Bakri also explained that these special students fall into one of two categories, hearing impaired or hearing loss. There are different teaching strategies for each. Those students with a hearing impairment usually communicate using a range of strategies that depend on each individual's hearing capacity. Sound can be enhanced using hearing devices, or by microphones or loudspeakers in the classroom....MORE