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Students Affairs Launches Virtual Meeting

Source:King Khalid University - Media Center The Deanship of Student Affairs at King Khalid University, represented by its Agency of Female Students Affairs, launched the online meeting "A University Student". It began on Wednesday and will last until the 27th of this month. It includes several introductory meetings, guidance sessions, and much more. This meeting was supervised by Vice Rector of Female Student Affairs, Prof. Kholoud Abu Melha. She explained that this meeting targets first-year students in order to build and improve their skills. She then welcomed the new students. Vice Rector Abu Melha explained that a good learning environment is interactive, engaging, and fun. She pointed out that the students are a part of this success. She thanked His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy and the employees at the Deanship of Students Affairs for their efforts in providing everything that serves male and female students and their development. The Female Section of the Agency of Student Services and Sports Activities participated in implementing this meeting, with the Guidance and Counseling Center, the Center for Persons with Disabilities, and the Student Fund Administration. It is worth mentioning that the meeting aims to introduce the Deanship of Student Affairs and its Vice Deanships, centers, and services to new students. In addition to introducing student clubs and encouraging female students to participate in student activities.