Data Science

College of Computer Science Organizes Data Is the New Oil Webinar

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  From the college's keenness in spreading digital knowledge among society, Dean of the College of Computer Science, Dr. Ali Mohammed Algarwi, supervisor of the "Summer of Technology" initiative, clarified that the college is launching many initiatives and technical seminars and sessions during the summer. It will continue its efforts to meet Vision 2030 and raise the digital awareness of society. The webinar — attended by 1,100 participants — opened with a speech from Dr. Asiri on data and big data, data science, and its development and importance in our time. Dr. Asiri then talked about the data structures and types and stressed the importance of distinguishing between types of data from structured to non-structured. Dr. Asiri also discussed data science and business intelligence, the differences between them, and the important distinction that business intelligence is related to the past while data science is related to the future. At the end of the webinar, Dr. Asiri pointed out the skills and functional areas of data science in that a data scientist possesses several skills such as programming, mathematical statistics, and analysis, noting that it is one of the hottest jobs in the 21st century.

University to Launch R Programming for Data Science Bootcamp

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  Dean of College of Computer Science, Dr. Ali Mohammed Algarwi, stated that the program comes within the university's "Mobaderoon" initiative. The project includes extensive training in the basics of data science, also data engineering, learning data analysis, graphing and eliciting patterns from data. The camp was developed for those interested in data science who want to master the basics of R, handle data structures, and manage data in the most efficient way. It is also tailored to data management and analyst professionals from all sectors. Dr. Areej Al-Asiri, the program presenter, faculty member at the College of Computer Science, says: "The program provides the basics of data analysis and extrapolation in order to explore its patterns and phenomena using the R language, starting with initial analysis, data engineering, and then employing machine learning algorithms to extrapolate data. It also focuses on data imaging techniques and using it in making a decision through the practical application of these techniques using real situation based data from various challenges." Furthermore, Dr. Asiri noted that the camp aims to develop an understanding of data analysis and imaging, providing them with the most important technical skills for data engineering. It will introduce participants to basic machine learning techniques and applications in data analysis, extrapolation, and pattern discovery. It also aims to introduce data visualization techniques used in strategic decision-making. Of noteworthy mention, the program allows participants the opportunity to build a portfolio while receiving instant and personalized feedback.