Data Analysis

Establishing a Learning Data Analysis Unit

Source: KKU - Media Center His Excellency King Khalid University President Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Sulami, recently issued a decision to establish a Learning Data Analysis Unit.  The Unit is affiliated with the E-learning Deanship, and will work towards analyzing learning data, understanding students' patterns and building electronic systems to improve the e-learning environment.  The Dean of E-learning Deanship at King Khalid University, Dr. Nayef Jabali, said: the Deanship is keen on providing a quality experience, by preparing, analyzing, and activating data, using machine learning and artificial intelligence systems. He stressed that the aim of establishing the unit is to provide the tools to collect, analyse, and measure students' performance data.  Dr. Nayef Jabali, issued an administrative decision to assign the Vice Dean of E-learning Deanship, Dr. Adel Kahmash, as the Unit Supervisor.  On his part, Dr. Adel Kahmash, said that the unit will use the collected data to understand students' patterns, monitor and enhance their academic performance, predict their academic achievements, and provide them with early academic advising services, to avoid any setbacks.  About the Unit: The Unit is to implement LMS data governance, extract and prepare data, build prediction models, and develop monitoring systems. It will also allow the University colleges to monitor students' performance, and will enable students to control and keep up with their own performance, by providing a control panel dedicated to them. It's worth noting that the learning management system -Blackboard- helped in establishing this Unit, since it's full of data related to students activities in the e-learning environment.