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The department of General courses Farewell party 2021

Under the patronage of Dr. Muneera Abuhamama, Dean of the ِfor Girls, King Khalid University, Abha and supervision of Dr. Heba Sheera, Head of the General Courses, a farewell party for the teaching staff of English Department was organized on Tuesday, April 06, 2021.  Dr. Muneera Abuhamama, the Dean, presided over the function and appreciated the efforts of English Department throughout the semester for enhancing the academic excellence of students and achieving the program learning outcomes. Dr. Heba Sheera, Head of the General Courses, briefed about the performance of the department and the achievement of the academic plans. She also pointed out the new strategies and approaches for meeting the learning goals of the program. Dr. Heba highlighted the importance of the academic plan and its benefits after its practical implementation during the academic year. She gave several examples how the new strategies for the academic plan led to achieve the learning outcomes and professional development of the faculty members. In order to achieve the maximum outcomes, Dr. Heba mentioned that in order to carry out the desired learning curves she formed the teams/committees -Training Team, Research Team, Examination Team and Website Team. Dr. Sheera explained that how these new changes modified the learning and teaching patterns and enhanced the academic performance of the department. She also mentioned  that teachers and students training webinars were organized throughout the semester. All these academic activities reflect the success rate of the department, Dr. Heba added. Ms. Asma Alnahri delivered the welcome speech and welcomed all the staff members. Dr. Muneera Abuhamama, the Dean and Dr. Heba Sheera, the Head of the General Courses, acknowledged the valuable contributions of the faculty members. Ms. Sirajum Munira,  Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, Ms. Nada Abdullah AlMelhi, Ms. Tahmina Begum, Ms. Ghazwa Abedin, Ms. Asma AlNahri, Dr. Nawal Mousa, Ms. Julia, , Dr. Mai alzain and Ms. Fozia Zulfiqar were bestowed with certificate of appreciation for their outstanding contribution in the department. Dr. Heba Sheera distributed a token of gift to those who are departing from the college this year and wished the best for their future endeavors. After the event, the teachers became emotional as they recalled their time. Hustle and bustle of the college made them very nostalgic. Teachers were very excited initially but after the function most of them were left teary eyed.