College of Applied Medical Sciences

COVID-19 Awareness and Training Held for Safety and Security Staff

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center The Deanship of Human Resources at King Khalid University collaborated with the College of Applied Medical Sciences at Khamis Mushait to organize an online educational meeting for staff at the General Administration of Safety and Security. The meeting — attended by 300 safety and security staff members — was entitled "Dealing with COVID-19: Infection, Examination, and Prevention". College of Applied Medical Sciences at Khamis Mushait Dean, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sabaani, delivered the online meeting alongside Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Tijani and Dr. Adam Abdel-Qader. They covered several topics, most notably: introducing COVID-19, its symptoms, known causes of transmission, and prevention measures. The Director of the Administrative Development Department at the Deanship of Human Resources, Mr. Ali Saleh Al Demaih, explained the meeting is a part of a series of training programs implemented by the Deanship.  

KKU Students Design Braille Scanner

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center  The Department of Diagnostic Radiology at the College of Applied Medical Sciences at King Khalid University activated medical scanning in Braille. The Department issued a guide for it in participation with students Hajar Al-Mutair, Fay Al-Shahrani, and Nada Al-Qahtani. This initiative was supervised by the Head of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Dr. Maqbool Alelyani. The initiative aims to achieve social responsibility; it also contributes to respecting the rights of the blind to have easy access to health awareness and medical services. Dr. Alelyani explained that this initiative serves to increase access for the disabled. It also facilitates the understanding of any tests or examinations they may take. He pointed out that the department is currently working on developing a technical project, which aims to deliver these tests as quickly as possible. Dr. Alelyani confirmed that the initiative is a part of the Department's role in educating the community which makes the University a place for knowledge, creativity, productivity, and community service. He thanked the students who participated in issuing this guide. The guide primarily provides content interpreted in Braille for blind patents at the medical scanning department. It covers the necessary preparations which need to be followed before being examined in the MRI, Mammogram, Tomography, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy and nuclear medicine units with an awareness of their importance.