City Telemedicine

University Continues to Offer Online Medical Consultations

Source: King Khalid University - Media Center His Royal Highness, Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Governor of the Asir Region, recently launched the Neshama Asir Initiative in cooperation with the College of Medicine and the Medical City. The initiative aims to provide online medical consultations in a number of specialties with specialized medical counselors. We are pleased to announce that this community-based medical initiative is on-going.   Dean of the College of Medicine, Prof. Suliman Al-Humayed, explained that this initiative, under the supervision of His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy, provides an open channel for patients to have an online medical consultation with doctors in various fields during the COVID-19 pandemic. He pointed out that more than 280 appointments have been booked with consultants from the College of Medicine and Medical City since the launch last Ramadan. "This initiative aims to facilitate communication between the patients and faculty member consultant physicians at the College of Medicine and the Medical City to counsel, advise and help them," said Dean Al-Humayed. On the mechanism of obtaining a medical consultation, Dean Al-Humayed explained that those who wish to benefit from this initiative can book an appointment according to the specified consultation schedules by (clicking here).