Ahad Rafidah

The Translation of 400 Wikipedia Articles to Arabic

Source: KKU-Media Center A number of Female students from English Language Department in the College of Arts and Sciences in Ahad Rafidah, translated 400 articles into the Arabic language, as part of their participation in ''Wiki documentation initiative,  in cooperation with King Abdulaziz Darah  foundation ,at the center of Saudi Digital History.        The initiative comes as contribution to  increase the number of Arabic content, which unfortunately doesn't exceed 13% in comparison to l other languages in the encyclopedia. The College Dean, Dr. Huda Masoud Al-Qahtani, explained  that this initiative was carried out with the participation of English Language Department's students, and supervised  by the Department  faculty members.  Al -Qahtani, thanked  King Abdulaziz Darah  foundation for the cooperation and efforts  and for their support in holding a  virtual workshop which included the methods to publishing translated  articles on the Wikipedia. The head of the Department of English language at the Arts and Sciences College in Ahad Rafidah, Ms. Samar Al-Nimr, explained that the articles were published after the approval of the editors of Wikipedia, pointing that the students were trained to work as coordinators for the initiative, they were also trained  to use translation  tools in Wikipedia.   She stressed that the  department aspire to continue  its cooperation with king Abdulaziz Darah Foundation in the field of translation, in addition, to developing the invitation in the next stages. It is noteworthy,  that the participants were 356 persons, and the initiation aims to enhance the Arabic content  and its availability to the world, in addition to elevating the role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the creating Arabic content. 

King Khalid University Rector Sponsors Ahad Rafidah Forum: The Role of Assessment in Learning Outcomes

King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, hosted a forum titled 'The Role of Assessments in Learning Outcomes'. The forum was organized by the College of Arts and Sciences in Ahad Rafidah. The purpose of the forum was to explore the various ways in which evaluation and assessment influences learning outcomes in higher education. The program also discusses the obstacles and challenges that occur in the test and evaluation process. His Excellency focused his presentation on the importance of using assessments and evaluations to improve learning outcomes in academic programs. He noted that the Ministry of Education is also examining this issue to help improve education throughout the Kingdom. The Ministry and King Khalid University are acutely aware that higher education is an integral component of the national development and economic expansion plans. Therefore, continuous improvement of universities is a high priority at many levels. The Rector thanked the College of Arts and Sciences at Ahad Rafidah and its Dean, Dr. Salma Al-Gharabi, for organizing and hosting the forum....more