College history

The Community College for Girls was established at King Khalid University in Abha in 1428 to enhance the role of the university in community service. In fact, the community college represents a new stage and a qualitative shift in the development of community service and the expansion in both the programs and specializations offered by the college. This pioneering step of establishing the college reflects the university primary role of being initiative in taking interest in the needs of the community by presenting specific majors, establishing curriculums,  and applying creative methods to fulfill its responsibilities towards the local community in the light of its own vision and mission which distinguishes it from  other colleges.

The Community College for Girls was first located in a building at Al-Dhabab Area. As a result of the increasing number of students, it was moved to the University Center for Girls' Studies building at Shamassan in 1430 H. The college was later moved to the Academic Campus on King Abdullah Road. The new buildings have been established to get along with the development of the college objectives and learning outcomes. Students who study at the Community College for Girls at King Khalid University in Abha are granted a Diploma after three years of studying not less than 80 credit hours in any of the available departments and programs.

The Deanship of the Community College for Girls in Abha is pleased to welcome you in the portal of the college, which is one of the distinguished electronic services offered by the college for its employees and visitors. Launching the portal aims at providing the basic data about the college. We hope that portal visitors find what they seek, and we look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions to provide a better information service.