Academic Guidance and Student Affairs Committee







 Develop a plan for the reception of new students in which an open day with the new students, attended by the dean of the faculty, agents, heads of

   departments, faculty members and administrators, is set out to show the rights enjoyed by the students, their obligations, clarifying the regulations

   governing the educational

   process,and indicating the academic plans for each academic track in the departments.

   -  Determine the academic guides on the students of the faculty members and those who are in their college before the beginning of the semester.

   -  Addressing all academic guidance procedures, following clear, easy and approved procedures from the holder through all available channels of


   -  Consider the excuses provided by students for the absence of lectures or tests according to the laws and regulations in force, and according to

       the procedures adopted.

   -  Provide material, psychological and moral support for students with special needs.

   -  Studying the situation of students who fail and provide appropriate solutions to overcome the situation they have reach.

  Coordinate efforts in the student affairs operations at the college, and focus on the following:

   -  Coordination with the Deanship of Student Affairs in all matters related to student activities.

   -  Develop a plan for all student activities, artistic, sports, cultural, scientific and recreational, implemented within the college.

   -  Encourage student initiatives, provide appropriate support, care for them and implement them in coordination with competent authorities.

   -  Evaluate all student activities and make appropriate proposals for continuous improvement.

   -  Nominating outstanding students to the boards and committees that students are entitled to participate in the faculty membership.

  To nominate gifted and pioneer students in the arts, sports and sciences to the bodies that are competent in the awards granted inside or outside

     the college, through official channels of communication.

  To study all that is transferred from the Dean of the College or from the Vice Dean for Academic and Academic Affairs to the Committee, and to

     raise the appropriate proposals or to take appropriate decisions within the powers granted or delegated by the author in writing.