Student Affairs Committee







Whereas The committee works in accordance with the university punitative regulations which stipulates the following articles:

Article 1 :  All students enrolled in King Khalid University, including students enrolled in courses and graduate programs, are subject to this regulation.

Article II : Any violation to the Islamic moralities and regulations and regulations and university instructions, requires discipline, but in particular as follows:

  The negligence in the performance of Islamic duties.

   Any statement or act prejudicial to religion or honor or dignity or disturb the good conduct and behavior inside and outside the University.

  Everything that contradicts Islamic ethics and public orientation.

  To bring movies , pictures and magazines that are contradictive to Islamic morality and hold them inside the university and its facilities.

  Raising voices in an inappropriate manner, especially near the lectures rooms, as well as raising audio devices inside the campus .

   Works against university regulations and it’s instructions to the detriment of university installations and facilities.

  Postpone the lectures, exercises, programs, activities and scientific lessons and Incitement not to attend or disorder during the session.

  Misuse of mobile and mobile camera and Bluetooth in any form

  Any damage or attempt to damage university facilities and their holdings of furniture, appliances, materials, publications, etc.,

    or to abuse or interfere with them.

  Non-compliance with the University Housing Regulations to abuse to university Properties in any way.

  Fraud in all its forms.

  Smoking inside university buildings and facilities

   Abuse to any university employees.

  Establishing of associations or organizing conferences or issue publications and distributing them within the university

    before obtaining approval from the designated authorities..

   Dropout of university housing  without written  notification   or  without acceptable excuse or receiving and introducing visitors without  

     informing the housing guard .

   Contravention of the exams instructions or to disrupt it’s system Such as: bringing phones or any device helps cheating in the exam 

     or attempt to initiate or help  cheating in exam .Cheating as well as fraud in the reports,research and studies project .

   The entry of the student to the test of the place of another student   or subsidy to that.

   Students possession for mobile camera.

   Accompanying visitors or accompaniments.

   Non commitment with the moral and values within university transport 

   Taking dangerous and forbidden materials of all types of weapons into the university buildings and facilities.

     Article III: The Rhythm of one or more of the Sanctions as follows:

   Verbal alarm.

   Written warning.

   Female student / Male student deprived of the enjoyment of some advantages of the University.

   Turn off the Female student / Male student from University for one semester or more.

   Suspended female student / male student entry test. and considered decisions that the student have failed in the courses which they are suspended.

   Canceling the test of the student / student in one or more courses and taking the exam in the courses in which the test was canceled.



fraud or attempted acts in quarterly tests


The student fails in consideration in the same decision


 Fraud or trying fraud in the final tests.


Consider the student fails in course in, and also failed in a success course


Identity theft and the entry of a student or a student asked him to place the test .


Calculated  the scheduled registered with the suspension in the semester following  the normal

It referred to the security authorities of the entry test of non-university students


Bring mobile camera or mobile-characteristic Bluetooth within Girls colleges.


Alarm written by destroying mobile in the official form for this purpose.


Adjust the camera mobile or mobile-characteristic Bluetooth inside the girls' colleges in breach of its images of the university employees or her students.                                           


Student suspended for a period of separation from normal semester and not more than three semesters..                                         

Mobile destroyed by a state commission formed for this purpose                          



    The student shall bear the full value of the repair in case of damage to any university property.

   Or the property of its employees in addition to what is recognized in the right of punishment

   The student / student will be separated from the university for a final semester and the matter may be referred

     to the competent authorities when necessary

   Penalties of the most frequent violations as follows:

     Article IV:

   The party that signed the violator shall release a record between the type of violation and its details and submit it

     to the first official in the same place where the violation occurred.

   In the case of the occurrence of the violator in the classroom or test, the member of the teaching staff to remove

    the student from the exam room and edit the blocker details of the site

    and submit it with the documentation documents,if found to the Dean of the College followed by the student.

    Article V:

   The Dean of the College or the supporting classes shall lift the proposed punishment after investigating the student

     in the violations mentioned in the second article to the Chairman of the Standing Committee for Student Affairs to take the necessary.

   The Dean of the college raised after issuing the punishment  ,The proposed investigation and the requesting by

     the Disciplinary Committee in the college irregularities listed in Article II to the Vice President for action.

   The other parties shall release the record of the violation and submit it to the university's agent to take the necessary action.

     Article VI:

   The student shall be informed of the alleged violator and the date and place specified for the investigation.

   The subject is raised in case of non-attendance of the student on the deadline for the investigation to the Permanent Committee

     for Student Affairs, which belongs to students and to the university faculties of girls colleges with regard to students accompanied

     by the proposed punishment.

     Article VII:

   Standing Committee for Student Affairs and the Agency for the university to women's colleges has the right to impose all kinds

     of incoming sanctions in Article III.

   The university vise   councilor  has the right to impose all the penalties stipulated in the third article of this regulation, especially in

     cases where secret treatment is required.

    Article VIII:

   A student may appeal to the Vice President during the fifteen days of the resolution and the Director of the university's

    support punishment or refer the complaint to the Council of the university and consider the punishment is final.

    Article IX:

   Inform the relevant authorities at the university content of the resolution within one week from the date of issuance to be implemented.

    Article X : Infringements of criminal nature shall be referred to the competent authorities for decision as a violation

     of the university's right to impose penalties.

    Article XI: In the case of the penalties set out in Article III, the precedents, circumstances and circumstances shall be observed.

    Article XII: The student shall not be excused if ignorant with the university regulations and regulations of the punishment does

     not bother the violator.

    Article XIII: The invalidity of the test shall result in the invalidity of the document and the certificate if it has been awarded to the student.

    Article XIV: The decisions issued shall be subject to disciplinary penalties in the student's file and the academic record.

    They may be declared within the university by the university number based on a recommendation from the party that issued

    the punitation. The student's guardian may be informed of the contents of the disciplinary decision.

     Article XV: The permanent Committee on Student Affairs may decide on matters not covered by these Regulations or direct those whom

     it deems necessary.

     Article XVI These Regulations shall be in force from the date of their adoption by the Council of the University and shall be repealed

     for all contrary to previous regulations and disciplinary regulations.